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Best STEM Toys 2021

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About Me

Hi, my name is Mark Coster and I am the driving force behind STEM Geek. With over 20 years of experience in chemistry education and research, and 3 willing children as guinea pigs, I have a passion for inspiring kids and adults to combine fun and learning with STEM Toys!

Whether you are a parent or educator looking for the perfect STEM toy for your child or students (or for yourself!), you’ll find the best in STEM-focused educational toys, sets kits and more. We also have a fantastic range of STEM activities, projects, home science experiments and tips to get more STEM in your day. Take a look around, have fun and keep learning!

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Dr Mark Coster

What Are STEM Toys?

If you’re a parent, teacher or educator, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered STEM toys. However, you might still be wondering “what exactly makes a STEM Toy?” Well, our definition of a STEM toy is any learning toy which develops Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math skills.

The exciting thing about STEM toys is that they’re both educational and fun. They’re a fantastic way of reinforcing learning at home or in the classroom and are great for both kids and adults alike.

STEM Toys range from build-your-own robots that let you learn programming, to constructing towers, vehicles and contraptions, and erupting volcanoes. A microscope to examine the smallest of bugs from the garden to a telescope to view far-away galaxies. There’s something for everyone!

STEM Toy Benefits

Aside from tearing kids away from TV, tablets and video consoles, there are tons of other benefits of STEM toys which include the development of:

  • Lateral thinking & problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Hand-eye coordination & other motor skills
  • Cognitive function

There are also other advantages that go beyond this. STEM skills are essential building blocks for success in the modern world. In an era when 47% of U.S. jobs risk being replaced by automation and robotics, STEM jobs are set to show robust growth. In order to remain employable in this rapidly changing world, it is critical that we develop skills in our kids today to enable them to be better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

What Does STEM Geek Do?

STEM Geek reviews & recommends the best Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) toys. From babies to adults, robotics to biology, we advise on educational toys for a wide range of interests, ages and audiences.

The toys and kits featured on our site are our the subjective recommendation of what we think are the best out there. Your needs may differ from our suggestions.

When choosing a STEM toy for your child, please pay attention to the manufacturer requirements, including the intended age range.

Our mission is to encourage more people of all ages to gain valuable STEM skills by providing trusted advice for the selection and use of STEM toys. Have fun while you learn!