STEM Activities For Kids

STEM Activities for Kids [Of All Ages!]

Kids are natural scientists, engineers and explorers – it’s no wonder that they love doing STEM activities and projects! Although many young kids are fascinated by STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), sadly their passion often fades as they get older.

Here at STEM Geek, we’re passionate about keeping and expanding kids’ natural interest in STEM (and including the Arts – STEAM!) by getting them involved in regular STEM activities and projects. We recently expanded our focus on kids activities across all facets of STEAM by acquiring

This page is your easy-to-navigate guide to all the kids STEM activities and projects we have on offer across our site. Let’s dive in!

Quick and Easy STEM Activities for Kids

Quick and Easy STEM Projects

The number 1 request from our readers is for more STEM activity ideas that are easy to do, don’t need any special equipment or materials, while still being fun, engaging and educational. That’s a high bar to achieve! Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

Our number one recommendation would be to look at the incredible range of monthly STEM subscription boxes for kids that are available. These take all the guesswork and stress out of thinking up new STEM activities, finding the materials, etc. What I really like is this then allows you to focus all your attention on engaging with your kids during the activity.

If you’re keen to take on the DIY challenge instead of, or as well as, the subscription box approach, here are some of our best resources:

On the flipside, if you have plenty of time available and you’re looking for STEM projects that your kids can monitor over a prolonged period, take a look at our Long-Term STEM Project Ideas!

Growing Crystals - a Long Term STEM Project for kids

These STEM-related projects are simple enough to help kids reinforce their life skills, and could spark an interest for a long time in this important field!

Age-Appropriate STEM Projects and Activities

Finding STEM projects for children that are age-appropriate can be difficult. Here are some of our most popular STEAM activity ideas, grouped by age:

And just to show that you’re never too old to learn, we also have some awesome Science Projects for Seniors!

Science Projects For Seniors

Science-Themed STEM Project Ideas

Sometimes it seems to me that science gets a bit overlooked in STEM! Robotics is certainly all the rage and who doesn’t love a cute programmable robot? Yet science is FUNdamental! Here are our top STEM projects articles that focus on science:

Now, we wouldn’t want the ‘M’ in STEM to feel left out, so we also have a great set of Middle School Math STEM Activities that is organized by age range.

Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Fairs have, for many years, been a great way to capture kids’ imagination and help them understand the scientific process. Possibly the hardest thing for many kids (plus their parents and teachers!) is finding the initial idea. We’ve got you covered! Here are our most popular posts on science fair project ideas, to start your STEM creative juices flowing:

Archery Science Fair Projects

Kids STEM Activities By Theme or Situation

Sometimes you have a particular theme or need in mind for your STEM activity or project. Perhaps it has to fit into a curriculum topic, season or calendar event. Here are some of our best STEM activities and projects that fit your particular needs:

STEM Activities by Season or Event

Themed STEM Activities

Microscope Activities for the Middle School Classroom Acquisition

In April 2022, STEM Geek acquired in order to expand our STEM-focused kids activities offerings. was a site filled with kids crafts, art activities, play based learning ideas, kid friendly recipes, birthday party ideas and parenting tips. STEM Geek feels a strong alignment with the original vision and focus of this site. was started in 2013 and published exciting and innovative kids activities, ideas and tips for parents. Some of the most popular posts included preschooler craft ideas, LEGO math activities for preschoolers, printables, templates, memory games, party ideas for young children and indigenous craft ideas. We are excited to follow in the footsteps of this site and continue to provide high-quality kids activities with a STEM education focus.