Best 8 Player Board Games

Best 8 Player Board Games Ever (Top 28 to Play in 2024)

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From family reunions to a bunch of friends getting together, there’s really no better time to pull out your favorite party games than with a big group. But if you have more than six eager participants, it can be hard to find a board game that accommodates everyone.

For eight players, there’s really no better all-around party game than Coup: Reformation. You’ll still need the original version of Coup, but you can play with up to ten people and gain access to several new character cards with the expansion.

Of course, this is just one example of the best eight-player board games currently available to play right now.

Coup Reformation 2nd Ed. Card Game Expansion - Strategy & Social Deduction in Quick 15 Minute Rounds For All Lovers of Board Games – 2-10 Players Ages 10+, Teens, & Adults by Indie Boards & Cards
Best overall
Coup: Reformation
  • This Coup expansion invites more players to the table with a team mechanic and brand new character cards.
Sonar Game, Multicolor (43227-1996)
Best for Team Building
Captain Sonar
  • Work closely with teammates to navigate, repair, and arm your submarine before the opposing team sends it to the ocean floor.
CGE Czech Games Edition Codenames Boardgame
Budget Option
  • Choose your words carefully or you may just lead your fellow spies into an assassin’s deadly trap.

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Best 8 Player Board Games for Large Groups

1. Best Overall — Indie Boards and Cards: Coup Reformation

Best Overall

Coup Reformation 2nd Ed. Card Game Expansion - Strategy & Social Deduction in Quick 15 Minute Rounds For All Lovers of Board Games – 2-10 Players Ages 10+, Teens, & Adults by Indie Boards & Cards

Coup Reformation

This Coup expansion invites more players to the table with a team mechanic and brand new character cards.

If you love Coup but have a few too many people at your table, Coup: Reformation is the perfect solution. This expansion pack allows for up to ten players, but you will need a copy of the original game to play.

In Coup: Reformation, each player starts with two secret characters. These characters grant special abilities throughout the game. So far, so good.

But the thing is, no one else knows which characters you control. Which means bluffing is an entirely fair game! If another player calls your bluff and is correct, you lose a character. Lose both characters and you’re out of the game.

While the gameplay is nearly identical between the two versions, Coup: Reformation does split the table into two opposing teams. Once one team is eliminated, the surviving team members turn against each other until only a single winner remains. There is also a new card, the Inquisitor, which adds a fun new dimension to Coup gameplay.

2. Best for Team Building Captain Sonar

Best for Team Building

Sonar Game, Multicolor (43227-1996)

Captain Sonar

Work closely with teammates to navigate, repair, and arm your submarine before the opposing team sends it to the ocean floor.

Battleship has had an upgrade, and it’s called Captain Sonar. In this game, up to eight players are split into two teams. Each team operates a high-tech submarine and must take on the roles of Captain, Chief Mate, Engineer, and Radio Operator.

Just like in a real submarine, team members must communicate and work together to keep their watercraft running. If one player drops the ball or makes the wrong decision, everyone pays the price. None of this collaboration is a secret, as each team’s Radio Operator tries to eavesdrop and keep track of the other’s movements.

Captain Sonar is unique in that it has two game modes. In turn-by-turn gameplay, each team member makes decisions and completes necessary tasks before the next can go. In simultaneous gameplay, the entire crew plays at the same time. Most fans agree that simultaneous play is the most fun.

3. Best Budget Option Codenames

Best Budget Option

CGE Czech Games Edition Codenames Boardgame


Choose your words carefully or you may just lead your fellow spies into an assassin’s deadly trap.

One of the best uses of word association as a mechanic is in the party game Codenames. This team-based game can fit up to eight people, two of which act as Spymasters. Don’t worry… games are quick so everyone can try out different roles!

Codenames utilize a single grid of cards everyone can see, each bearing a word. Only the Spymaster knows which of these words belong to allies and which belong to the opposing team. To complicate things even further, one word belongs to an assassin and must be avoided at all costs.

During their turn, the Spymaster chooses a single word to describe their team’s ally cards. Team members then work together to choose the right cards and reveal their allies. The first team to find all their allies wins, but revealing the assassin means “Game Over.”

4. Best Charades Game — Reverse Charades

Best Charades Game

Reverse Charades, Fast-Paced Fun Family Party Game, for Ages 6 and Up

Reverse Charades

Want to beat your fear of performance anxiety within a team? This hilarious take on a classic game will drive away your fears with loads of laughter.

Working out with your team is a great way to bond together. And when the workout is based on fits of uncontrollable laughter, it gets even better.

While charades have been around for ages, the idea of reverse charades is relatively new. Teh concept is just the opposite of the classic version. The entire team acts and one person guesses. Obviously, no talking is involved.

While the change is simple, it notches up the hilarity by several degrees. The main fun lies in watching the entire group coordinate their acting to help the teammate make the right guess. This set comes with 300 cards that offer plenty of variety for the players to enjoy themselves.

The best part is the game can be played by large groups and there is no restriction on the length of the play. With the short time limit of one minute, the play moves quickly and offers a big dose of fun no matter the occasion.

5. Best Challenging Game — Sequence

Best Challenging Game

SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips by Jax ( Packaging may Vary ) White, 10.3' x 8.1' x 2.31'


A simple but challenging game that allows tons of people of all ages to have tons of fun!

Sequence is an excellent combination of a board and a card game that’s great for large groups. While the number of players is between 2 and 12, you can stretch it to include more. In fact, playing in two or more teams heightens the fun factor.

The game comes with a playing board, two decks of cards, and 135 chips of three different colors. With a lot going on the board, you need to stay alert at all times. However, that doesn’t make Sequence a difficult game. In fact, it’s an easy game to learn.

The idea is to make sequences of your own with the chips. At the same time, you can block your opponent’s sequences. With the luck of the draw playing a big factor, anticipation builds as the game progresses.

While it is simple enough for kids to play, adults can try out various strategies to make the best use of the cards they draw. It’s also a game that’s easy to keep playing for hours. And trust us when we say that you will have a blast playing it.

For Kids 8 Years+

6. Best Ultra-Fast Gameplay One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Best Ultra-Fast Gameplay

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – Fun Party Game for Kids & Adults | Engaging Social Deduction | Fast-Paced Gameplay | Hidden Roles & Bluffing

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A super quick board game you can combine with the app to make it more engaging.

Games of deduction are a top choice for big groups but can be a challenge for younger children to understand. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fun, simple game that takes only ten minutes to play, making it a great option for players who have never played deductive board games before.

To start, each player is assigned a specific role. These roles can range from normal Villagers to special characters like the Troublemaker, who can secretly swap players’ cards while everyone has their eyes closed. The most important role, however, is the Werewolf.

During the Night phase, all players close their eyes while special characters (like the Troublemaker) take turns completing their tasks. Once these tasks are complete, the Day phase begins.

Players work together to vote out the Werewolf, but may not look at their own role card again. After all, a mysterious force may have secretly swapped that role in the Night.

7. Most Beautiful Game Design Tsuro

Most Beautiful Game Design

Calliope Tsuro - The Game of The Path - A Family Strategy Board Game For Adults and Kids 2-8 Players Ages 8 & Up


Avoid collisions and dead-end paths to be the last dragon left flying in this tile-placing game.

Don’t be fooled by its intricate board! Tsuro is quick-to-play, easy-to-learn, and, most importantly, super fun. With each game lasting less than 20 minutes on average, players must maneuver around each other to be the last flying dragon left in the sky.

The gorgeous game board consists of a grid and interchangeable tiles that players take turns laying down. Each tile bears intersecting flight paths and the dragons must follow the path in front of them to completion. If this path sends your dragon flying off the board’s edge or crashing into another player’s dragon, you’re out of the game.

To win a game of Tsuro, you can’t just think about where your own dragon is heading. Often, sabotaging other dragons is the only way to succeed, especially as you creep closer and closer to the board’s edge.

Even though the game can get extremely competitive, Tsuro has a unique zen-like feel vibe to it. The components are gorgeous and designed to enhance the naturalistic feel. While it is not meant for hours of gameplay, it is the perfect filler game you can pick.

8. Best for Young Players Sushi Go Party!

Best for Young Players

Sushi Go Party! - The Deluxe Pick & Pass Card Game by Gamewright, Multicolored

Sushi Go Party!

Match yummy sushi rolls to score big points in this fast-paced, charming card game.

For lovers of all things cute, Sushi Go Party! is a light-hearted game with adorable card illustrations. Unlike normal Sushi Go!, up to eight players can play. This version also adds a score-tracking board and “a la carte” cards to spice up the original game deck.

Players must create sets from the cards in their hand… but there’s a catch. After choosing a single card to keep, each player passes their hand clockwise (the game’s designers based this mechanic on the conveyor belt found in many sushi restaurants).

Because there are so many different sushi types and combos, you can choose from a wide range of strategies. If you have a hunch which cards your opponents are trying to collect, you can even try to thwart their efforts.

At its core, Sushi Go Party! is quick and easy, making it an excellent introductory strategy game for younger children.

9. Best Party Game — Wavelength

Best Party Game

CMYK Wavelength: The Party Game Show in a Box


A game that stands out from the crowd in terms of creativity and ensures a great time everytime you play.

If you are looking for a party game that combines an equal measure of skill, luck, and excitement, Wavelength is a game you must try. It has a cooperative mode that is great for families and ensures an evening of fun.

The competition is about reading each other’s minds and reaching 10 points. There is a unique plastic wheel or “the dial” that a player has to rotate along with cards. Quite simply, the rules are different than anything else you have played before. But that does not make Wavelength a complex game in any way and after one or two games you will find the right rhythm.

Technically, Wavelength is not a strategy game. But you will need to contemplate the clues while trying to guess the thinking process of your opponents. While it can be played by a minimum of 2 players, you will need 6 to 8 players to extract the most fun from the game.

While it is not a laugh-till-you-drop party game, Wavelength stands out in terms of its unique gameplay and excellent playability. Unless you prefer hardcore strategy games, this is one game you cannot help enjoying.

10. Best for Groups of 8+ Dixit

Best for Groups of 8+

Dixit Board Game - The Award-Winning Game of Imagination and Creativity! Fun Family Storytelling Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 8+, 3-6 Players, 30 Minute Playtime, Made by Libellud


How good are you at telling stories and describing things? This is a guessing game that will make you forget about your smart devices for a while.

This is an updated version of the classic storytelling game that many players consider to be a “must have”. It is not just about using your logic and wit, but also about stretching your imagination.

Dixit comes with 84 cards with beautiful artwork and each player gets a hand of six cards. In every round, one player acts as the storyteller and mentions a title or a description for one of the cards. Other players select one of their cards that matches this story. All the cards get shuffled and are laid face up. The players then have to guess the Storyteller’s original card.

Players with the right guess will earn points. However, the storyteller will lose points if everybody or nobody guesses the right card. While all that sounds simple, there is an element of strategy involved while describing a card. Knowing the other people playing with you also helps in guessing how they will react to your clue.If you get tired of looking at the same artwork after a few months, do not worry. The makers have released expansion decks like “Journey” and “Memories” to add to the variety.

11. Best Treasure-Hunt Game — Incan Gold: Quest for Riches in the Ruins

Best Treasure-Hunt Game

Incan Gold: Quest for Riches in the Ruins

Incan Gold: Quest for Riches in the Ruins

A quick and fun game of daring and risk-taking that appeals to both kids and adults.

Admittedly, most games for kids can be a bore for adults. But it is not so with Incan Gold. This 3-8-player party game focuses on the push-your-luck aspect of gaming which makes it a ton of fun. 

The game is played through various cards, but it is intelligently designed and never feels like an ordinary card game. The game allows players to explore the Incan ruins in search of artifacts while avoiding the various dangers lurking around. There are five different ruins and five types of perils.

While exploring for a few more minutes can help you find some precious gems, all of the treasures will be lost if you stretch it too thin. That means you need to decide when to turn back with perfect precision. It is during this escape phase that the game turns truly exciting for everyone involved. In fact, you can easily end up playing 3 to 4 games and still look forward to more ruin exploring.

Like most other popular games, Inca Gold is simple, but there are elements of strategy to keep things interesting. However, it never gets too complex to make things too difficult for 8-year-olds.

For Tweens 10 Years+

12. Best for Disney Fanatics Villainous

Best for Disney Fanatics

Ravensburger Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game - Immersive Gameplay Experience | Suitable for Ages 10 & Up | Winner of 2019 TOTY Game of the Year


Aid your favorite Disney villains on a quest for their own version of happily ever after.

Once in a great while, a board game comes along that introduces a brand new group of players to the world of tabletop gaming. For many modern fairytale fans, Disney Villainous was that game. Although the core set only accommodates six players, any expansion provides enough bad guys for up to nine people.

The entire premise of Disney Villainous is that our favorite animated villains are finally going to get what they’ve always dreamed of. Since each villain wants something different, each player sets out with a different goal. For Ursula, this means beating King Triton. But for King John, it means collecting 20 Power tokens.

Players reach these goals by playing cards that either help their villain or hinder others. Winning Disney Villainous requires a ton of strategy, especially since your opponents can sabotage your plans at any time.

13. Best Strategy Game — Camel Up Board Game (2nd Ed)

Best Strategy Game

Camel Up (Second Edition) | Strategy , Dice Game | Family Board Game for Adults and Kids | Ages 8 and up | 3 to 8 Players | Average Playtime 30-45 Minutes | Made by Eggertspiele

Camel Up Board Game (2nd Ed)

With an excellent game board design, this is a wild game that is accessible to all members of the family.

Camel Up is a quickfire racing game where you race camels through the desert and around pyramids. And all of that is done without any actual racing! 

The game can be started with 3 players and once there are 6 or more players, you can form partnerships. Not to forget, one of the best aspects of the game is the beautifully designed pop-up board that creates the perfect canvas.

The movement of the camels is determined by the roll of the dice and the players can bet on the leading camel in each round. In addition, the players can also bet on the final outcome of the game. 

To make things more fun, there are some crazy rogue camels that may start running in the opposite direction. Besides, camels can also ride on each other’s backs. In fact, the random nature of the game makes it difficult to guess which camel will stay in the lead.

Even though it’s not entirely strategy-based, the frantic pace of the game makes it great fun for the whole family.

For Tweens 12 Years+

14. Best Funny Board Game Telestrations

Best Funny Board Game

Telestrations Original 8-Player | Family Board Game | A Fun Game for Kids and Adults | Game Night Just Got Better | The Telephone Game Sketched Out | Ages 12+


Watch as hilarious miscommunication turns even the best drawings into unrecognizable works of art.

Like Pictionary but much, much funnier, Telestrations is an excellent party game for groups of eight. Inspired by the classic camp game of Telephone, Telestrations takes simple drawings and turns them into hilarious misunderstandings by the time it’s over.

To play, each player starts out with a mini whiteboard booklet and a prompt for what to draw. Once done, they pass the drawing to the next person, who writes down the word they think inspired the drawing. The next person then draws something based on this new word, and so on.

After the whiteboards have returned to the original owners, everyone flips through and watches as most prompts twist and morph into something entirely different.

Interestingly, there is no scorekeeping and no winners in this game. As per the rules, anyone who has fun playing it is the winner. However, you can make your own rules and add points for correct guesses to make it more competitive.

While Telestrations is not exactly a typical board game, it’s easy to understand and has great entertainment value. We suggest that you get more creative with the picture cues to ensure more chances for misinterpretation.

15. Best Western Board Game — Bang! The Dice Game

Best Western Board Game

Da Vinci Bang!: The Dice Game , Brown

Bang! The Dice Game

This is an easy game with a great tempo that feels like a western.

If you think that cowboys and outlaws are cool, then Bang! The Dice game is right up your alley. The game runs at a super-fast pace and you need to achieve your goal based on your character.

Each player gets a card based on which they can be a Sheriff, Deputy, Renegade, or Outlaw. Then the players can attack the opponents by rolling the dice. In general, the games last between 15 to 20 minutes.

Except for the Sheriff, all identities are kept secret. One of the fun aspects of the game is trying to figure out who is who. Also, the players are encouraged to bluff about their true identity. The playing strategy also changes based on the roles.

In most cases, the game works best when you’re playing with 5 to 6 players. With 7 or 8 players you don’t have much chance of surviving. That said, not all the characters are equally balanced.

Considering the low price tag and high replayability, we feel that this is a solid choice for a group of players with mixed abilities.

16. Best Game with Expansions Cosmic Encounter

Best Game with Expansions

Cosmic Encounter 42nd Anniversary Edition Board Game - Classic Strategy Game of Intergalactic Conquest for Kids and Adults, Ages 14+, 3-5 Players, 1-2 Hour Playtime, Made by Fantasy Flight Games

Cosmic Encounter

Discover new alien races and add more players with three exciting Cosmic Encounter expansions.

Sci-fi fans can explore the galaxy and discover quirky alien races in the strategy game Cosmic Encounter. While this might seem like a simplified area control game, the world-building and sense of humor built into this title is unmatched.

In Cosmic Encounter, players engage in intergalactic battles and negotiations in a bid to control more foreign planets than their opponents. Each player leads an alien race with a special ability, some of which are stranger than others. For example, one race loses the game if it wins but wins the game if it loses.

Before you add this game to your collection, keep in mind that three separate expansion packs are required to play with eight people. The expansions you’ll need include Cosmic Alliance, Cosmic Conflict, and Cosmic Incursion. Other expansions do exist but they don’t include pieces for extra players.

17. Best Team-vs-Team — Scorpion Masqué Decrypto

Best Team-vs-Team

Scorpion Masqué Decrypto | Deduction Party Game for Teens and Adults | Ages 12+ | 3 to 8 Players | 15 Minutes

Scorpion Masqué Decrypto

An excellent communication game that is super funny and frustrating at the same time.

Decrypto is played between two teams that try to transmit codes between the teammates while the opposite team tries to intercept. Not to forget, there is a timer that adds to the fun factor.

Each team gets 4 cards and a code screen. One player from each team acts as the clue giver and devising good clues is a thoughtful task. In fact, people end up playing multiple games so that everyone can enjoy the role of a clue giver as well as deciphering clues.

While this may appear simple at first, Decrypto demands that you act smart and get sneaky while passing clues. Besides being thought-provoking, it is also an addictive game. That said, it can be challenging for young players.

The aesthetics of the game are great and the cards are well designed. And be ready for some grand miscommunications that will notch up the fun factor of the game. All in all, this is one of the best games of this genre and deserves a permanent spot in your game closet.

For Teens 13 Years+

18. Best Social Deduction Game Secret Hitler

Best Social Deduction Game

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

This challenging social deduction game pits liberals against fascists in an underhanded struggle for political power.

Ever since its release in 2016, Secret Hitler has held strong as one of the most popular board games for larger groups. In this game, players must use deduction to stop Hitler from taking power in 1930s Germany. Each player is secretly assigned the role of liberal, fascist, or Hitler himself.

Each turn, one player acts as President and selects another player to elect as Chancellor. The rest of the group votes on this appointment. If the appointment is struck down, the turn ends and the role of the President is passed on. But if the Chancellor is elected, they work with the President to enact policies that will either help or hinder Hitler’s rise to power.

Like most secret role-based board games, the fascists reveal themselves to each other while the other players’ eyes are closed. During this phase, the person playing Hitler gives a thumbs-up but with their eyes still closed. They have no idea who their loyal supporters are throughout the game.

19. Best for Amateur Sleuths Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Best for Amateur Sleuths

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - The Thames Murders & Other Cases Board Game - Captivating Mystery Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 14+, 1-8 Players, 90 Min Playtime, Made by Space Cowboys

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Are you as smart as Sherlock Holmes? Use the available clues (and your own deduction skills) to find out.

In Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, there is no board, deck of cards, or dice. Instead, players will use written interviews, a map of London, fake newspapers, and other leads to solve cases. Each case takes about one or two hours to complete and can be played with as many people as seen fit.

Since this game relies on discussion and critical thinking to solve the case, playing with a large group can be a great asset. Once players believe they have the solution, they may open the answer envelope. The ultimate goal is to solve the case using fewer clues than Sherlock Holmes. But most of the time, just getting the right answer is challenge enough!

If you and your gaming group love the thrill of assisting Mr. Holmes, there are multiple standalone versions of this game. The gameplay is pretty much identical and there’s no overarching narrative across versions, so it doesn’t matter which box you decide to pick up first.

20. Best Bluffing Game — Mafia the Party Game

Best Bluffing Game

Apostrophe Games Mafia The Party Game Deluxe Edition – A Game of Lying, Bluffing and Deceit– Card Game, Adults and Teens – Board Game

Mafia the Party Game

A solid board game that combines strategy and conflict, and ensures a great time for families and friends.

This is a fun roleplay game in which the players are divided into two teams. So, you are either a member of the Mafia or a team of civilians. Each team tries to eliminate the other and the last person standing wins.

The game comes in a sleek package and the artwork is great. There are 47 unique characters and the gameplay provides an immersive experience. On the one hand, you will need to devise strategies while focusing on teamwork and memory skills on the other..

While Mafia is easy enough to learn, there are a lot of characters. So, it might get difficult to keep track of what is happening with all the players. However, the background chaos becomes a part of the overall fun of the game. The replayability factor is high and everyone has a fair chance of winning. Moreover, the games are randomly generated and the strategy keeps evolving with each game.

In short, a well-designed game that will keep everyone engaged and deliver a few hours of solid fun. This deluxe edition also works great as a gift item.

21. Best Dexterity Game — Beat That!

Best Dexterity Game

Gutter Games Beat That! - The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges [Family Party Game for Kids & Adults]

Beat That!

A highly entertaining game that delivers loads of fun and laughter for the entire family.

While not exactly a board game, Beat That! is a family-friendly game that is packed with wacky challenges and offers loads of fun. It’s aimed to improve  coordination and dexterity among young players.

The box contains a lot of items including tokens, cards, dice, and a memo pad. Based on the throw of the dice, the players need to pick up the challenge cards and complete the tasks. 

There are ten challenges in total but the game is extremely flexible. You can cut down on the challenges if you lack the time or extend them to last for more than an hour.

These tasks can be performed solo or else you might need to Buddy Up or go for a Duel. There are a wide variety of challenges that can keep the game exciting. While some challenges like picking things up with chopsticks, and stacking cups are easier, others require more skill.

Overall, these challenges are a lot of fun and they make the game extremely enjoyable for anyone above 9 years. If you’re looking for something different from the usual board games, this is a great choice that ensures a few hours of fun.

22. Best Gothic Horror Elder Sign

Best Gothic Horror

Fantasy Flight Games Elder Sign Board Game - Supernatural Intrigue, Cooperative Dice Adventure! Horror Mystery Game, Ages 14+, 1-8 Players, 1-2 Hour Playtime, Made

Elder Sign

Roll the dice to determine the world’s fate at the hands of Lovecraftian horrors.

For fans of horror and the macabre, look no further. Elder Sign is a (relatively speaking) light-hearted cooperative, dice-rolling game. In it, up to eight players take on the unfortunate task of closing interdimensional portals and stopping Lovecraftian creatures in their tracks. While there’s a good chance your characters will fail, at least you’ll have fun while doing it.

Battling your way through Elder Sign is based entirely on dice rolls. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies at your disposal to improve your odds. Each character also offers a special ability. In tight situations, these can easily be the difference between closing a rift between dimensions or allowing mankind to crumble.

Although Elder Sign is based on classic horror fiction, the game itself isn’t super dark. Still, the long and sometimes complicated gameplay means younger kids are best left out of this one.

23. Best for Pop Culture Fans — Monikers

Best for Pop Culture Fans

CMYK Monikers A Dumb Party Game That Respects Your Intelligence


A fun-loaded party game that is perfect for a night of adult revelry.

The Monikers box contains 440 lovely cards, each one with a name and description. The cards are distributed and the players are divided into teams. The game is divided into three rounds and each time a clue giver from each team provides clues, while the opponents need to guess the right card.

The rules get more difficult as you progress. Only single-word clues are allowed in the second round and in the third, you can use gestures only. The team earning the most points by guessing right wins. 

While that might sound somewhat uninspiring, you need to play the game to realize how sidesplittingly funny it can turn out. And if the third round is not enough to have you in tears from laughing, there are bonus rounds for some extra fun. 

The cards have been thoughtfully designed to encourage creative thinking and gesturing. Since the cards include people and events the game is perfect for millennials.

One more thing. While it’s a great game for families, some of the card content is not exactly family-friendly. So, the 17+ age limit is well deserved. 

Overall, Monikers is a simple but super-funny game that will make you enjoy every 30-minute session, and want more.

For Teens 14 Years+

24. Best Clue Alternative Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Best Clue Alternative

Grey Fox Games Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Board Game, Fast Pace Murder Mystery, 20 min, 4-12 Players, Age 14+ ...Who Among You Can See Through The Lies or is Capable of Not Getting Caught

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

One of your fellow investigators is responsible for a murder. Can you determine who it is and how they committed their heinous crime?

Think you can solve a murder-mystery in less time than it takes to deliver a pizza? In Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, players must use deduction to find out which of their fellow investigators is the rightful suspect. This game accommodates up to 12 players, but most fans agree that six-to-eight is the sweet spot.

To start, each player is assigned a role. Most will be normal Investigators focused on solving the crime, but one player will also secretly be the Murderer. In larger groups, you can also include an Accomplice who works alongside the murderer to deceive the other investigators.

To win the game, players must sniff out the Murderer among them and identify the case’s key evidence and the murder method. If they fail to get all three correct, the Murderer (and his or her Accomplice) claims victory.

25. Best Themed Game — Eldritch Horror Board Game

Best Themed Game

Eldritch Horror Board Game (Base Game) | Mystery, Strategy, Cooperative Board Game for Adults and Family | Ages 14+ | 1-8 Players | Avg. Playtime 2-4 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games

Eldritch Horror Board Game

An exciting and challenging game based on the fictional world of Lovecraftian horrors.

The basic theme of this game is simple. An ancient horror is about to raise its head again. Are you ready to tackle it?

If you want to turn your mind off and enjoy a wild adventure in a weird world, Eldritch Horror is a good choice. In fact, it can be called a successor to the classic Arkham Horror board game.

The game consists of multiple stages and each stage is divided into three rounds.  Players can start out as investigators and travel around the globe to fight monsters.  The story keeps unraveling as you play the game and the thematic flavor is well integrated within the gameplay.

All the action is driven by the cards you pull out from the deck. Overall, the rules are easy to learn and the game flows smoothly and the storytelling is extremely rich. 

That said, the game doesn’t do well in terms of character development. But if you love H.P. Lovecraft’s works, then this is one of the best board games to experience them on board.

Note, with close to 8 players the game can last more than 3 hours. If you want to keep it short, 4 players are the best option.

26. Best for Marvel Fans — Hail Hydra

Best for Marvel Fans

Spin Master Games Marvel, Hail Hydra Superhero Board Game Black Panther Hulk Captain America Red Skull Black Widow Spiderman, for Adults and Teens Ages 14 and up

Hail Hydra

A fun game for Marvel fans that offers lots of excitement and allows you to play the hero or the villain.

Basically, Hail Hydra is a collaborative board game. But as the name suggests, there are traitors working for Hydra in the midst of the proceedings.

So, while everyone pretends to be a team S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, all the players are informed of their loyalty at the beginning. If you are one of the good guys, failing to stop the traitors will result in the uber-villain Red Skull gaining control of the Cosmic Cube.

Interestingly, the game is played in two levels. The outer level of the game deals with progressive conflicts with various baddies. On top of that, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents need to figure out who the double agents are and prevent them from sabotaging the mission.

If you want a collaborative game for a group of 8, hail Hydra offers the right amount of superhero-oriented flavor. However, it’s best to involve at least 6 players to get the most fun out of the pacey gameplay.

27. Best for Gamers — Zygomatic Formula D Board Game

Best for Gamers

Formula D Board Game - High-Stakes Racing Thrills with Dual-Sided Tracks! Fast-Paced Strategy Game, Fun Family Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 8+, 2-10 Players, 60 Minute Playtime, Made by Zygomatic

Zygomatic Formula D Board Game

A fantastic racing game with excellent replayability that can be played by a maximum of 10 players.

This is a fast-paced board game that has an F1 track as well as a street track. Admittedly, it is a relatively expensive option. But it is one of the best board racing games you can pick and worth the price.

The first thing you will notice is the excellent quality of the components and the vibrant colors of the track. While it is not hyper-realistic, the gameplay offers tons of fun. The throw of the dice not only allows you to move the car forward but also changes the gears. Overall, the combination of luck and strategy makes the play exciting.

To make it easy for newbie players, the game has two sets of rules – one for beginners and another for experienced players. For example, experienced players can make things more challenging by moving through rough roads and additional hazards.

This is one game that offers a higher fun factor when you have 8 players on board. And the best part is, even if you are not a gear-head, it will not stop you from enjoying this game.

28. Best Trivia Game — Wits & Wagers Board Game

Best Trivia Game

Mattel Games Wits & Wagers Board Game Family Edition for Kids and Adults with Dry Erase Boards, Markers & Question Cards

Wits & Wagers Board Game

This is a good update to a classic trivia game that is short and simple for larger groups.

If you are tired of playing “trivia” games, Wits & Wagers can offer a refreshingly different experience. It’s designed as a party game that can be played with an unlimited number of players. Anyone above the age of 13 can join the game.

The mode of playing is simple. You read a question from the cards and the players make the best guess about the correct answer. All the answers are numerical in nature.

Once everyone’s answers are revealed, players can use their betting tokens to bet on the answers. The player whose answer emerges as the closest without going over the correct number, gets a payout.

Even if you are not good at trivia, you can always make a guess. And the poker-isque betting aspect makes the whole gameplay more interesting. Also, the questions have been updated in this version to make the game more relevant to the current times.

Overall, if you want a fun session with more than 12 players, this is a game you should check out.

What to Consider When Buying an 8-Player Board Game

Contents of Tsuro board game
Asetera / CC BY-SA (


Before starting any board game, it’s important to know how much time you’ll need to finish a session. When playing with a group of eight people, you should plan for the maximum amount of time listed on the game’s box.

Don’t let a short estimated play time turn you away from an otherwise great board game, though. In fact, these board games are a great option for large groups because players can test out different roles and strategies over several rounds.

Expansion Packs

While some board games accommodate eight or more players straight out of the box, others require expansion packs. Expansion packs often come with additional game components and sometimes include modified rules for playing with a larger group.

The most important thing to consider before buying a board game that requires expansions is the cost. Not only will you need to purchase the core game, but you’ll also need to buy one or more expansions. Depending on the contents, some expansions cost as much as the original game.

Team vs. Individual

People playing a multiplayer board game

To allow for more players, some board games split people into teams. This mechanic can help cut down on play time and clutter.

Some games allow team members to compete against each other after the opposing team is eliminated. While these board games typically take more time, they also provide the satisfaction of a single winner.

Player Type

If you are picking a game for a party session, it is best to choose easy and fun-filled games that do not involve too much strategizing. When choosing for the family or a close group of friends, you can take note of their general preferences. 

Since children have short attention spans, you do not want to pick games that will stress them too much. Also, consider the likes and dislikes of a group of players and the themes they are more inclined towards, before picking a game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play a board game with more than the recommended number of players?

Nearly every board game is designed for a specific range of players. Because of limited resources like characters, cards, and more, playing with more people just isn’t feasible in most cases.

One way to get around the player limit for a game is by breaking players into pairs. Depending on the game, however, this may affect overall gameplay.

What is a cooperative game?

In cooperative, or co-op, board games, the players compete against the game itself rather than each other. Many co-op board games are designed for large groups. Sometimes, having more players can even make the game easier (but not always!).

What if I don’t have an 8-player board game on hand?

Once in a while, you may find yourself in a situation where there are too many players for the available board games. In these cases, the best option is to split into groups and run multiple board games at one time.

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