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KiwiCo: 45 Things You Need to Know (The OG STEM Crate!)

If you’re struggling to stay on top of at-home learning, you’re definitely not alone. And the good news is that — as with almost any problem — there’s a company out there looking to help.

We all know in our hearts that hands-on, STEM-based projects are often the best way to keep kids of all ages engaged and interested in learning. The problem is that very few of us have the time or energy to come up with new ideas (and source the necessary materials!) on a consistent schedule.

Signing up for a KiwiCo subscription will ensure exciting, kid-approved projects show up on your doorstep each month. No planning required on your part!

Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know before securing a KiwiCo subscription for your own family:

What Is KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is a parent-run company dedicated to providing hands-on projects for kids of all ages that are both educational and fun. The main way KiwiCo accomplishes this goal is by offering monthly subscription boxes filled with all of the materials (and detailed instructions!) needed to complete various science and art projects.

Kiwi Atlas Crate - Craft Kit

How Does KiwiCo Work?

KiwiCo’s bread and butter is its subscription-based service. To get started, just select your desired crate and subscription terms through the KiwiCo website. Most crates ship on a monthly schedule.

KiwiCo crates are divided up by suggested age range and subject matter. This makes it easy for kids or their loved ones to pick the subscription best suited to their experience level and personal interests.

Select projects are available without a subscription via the KiwiCo Store.

What Is Kiwi Crate?

The Kiwi Crate is KiwiCo’s flagship subscription box. It was also the name of the brand as a whole for the first year or so of its existence!

Today, the original Kiwi Crate still exists as part of the KiwiCo lineup. However, you’ll occasionally still see the name used to refer to the entire company. So don’t be confused!

How Many KiwiCo Crates Are There?

KiwiCo currently offers 9 different crate subscriptions. These include:

What Comes In A KiwiCo Crate?

Crates come filled with various toys, crafts, experiments, and other activities based on age, subject, and theme. Each crate includes step-by-step instructions for any projects inside. Some subscriptions also come with books, zines, comics, and more.

How Many Projects Are In Each KiwiCo Crate?

Project-based crates include a number of activities based on size, complexity, and theme. Most crates either include 1 to 2 large projects or 3 to 4 small projects per month.

What Age Group Is KiwiCo For?

KiwiCo subscriptions are available for all ages. (Yes, even newborns and adults!) Just be sure to select a crate designed for the age range you’re shopping for.

Is There A KiwiCo Crate For Adults?

Both the Maker Crate and Eureka Crate from KiwiCo are recommended for adults as well as children! The Maker Crate is designed for everyone 14 years and up. The Eureka Crate is for everyone 12 years and up.

Is KiwiCo Montessori-Based?

KiwiCo toys and projects are not exclusively based on Montessori-style learning. But KiwiCo does incorporate many of the basic principles of Montessori into its products.

The KiwiCo Store does have a small section of Montessori toys that can be purchased without a subscription.

Childs hands playing with Montessori toys

Do KiwiCo Crates Repeat?

KiwiCo tracks each account’s previous shipments (including Store purchases) to ensure duplicate crates are never received. If you do receive a duplicate crate, you can reach out to KiwiCo customer support for a replacement.

What Is A KiwiCo Deluxe Subscription?

A Deluxe Subscription is an upgrade that includes a hand-picked, thematic book with each crate shipment. This add-on is available for all crates except for the Maker Crate and Eureka Crate. 

Deluxe Subscriptions cost an additional $9.95 per crate.

Does KiwiCo Offer A Sibling Add-On Upgrade?

No. KiwiCo recommends encouraging siblings to work together on a single crate or purchasing individual crates for each child in the household.

What Is Similar To KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is one of the most trusted brands of its kind on the market. It also offers an extremely diverse collection of crates for all ages and interests. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end-all-be-all of educational subscription services.

If you’re having trouble finding exactly what you need from KiwiCo, you may have better luck with one of the following companies:

Sifting through these options (and more!) to find the right one for your family isn’t easy. Fortunately, we at STEM Geek have already shared our thoughts on how KiwiCo compares to subscription boxes from Green Kid Crafts, MEL Science, Lovevery, and Little Passports.

Be sure to also check out our list of the best STEM subscription boxes for a quick run-down of all of our favorites!

How Much Is A KiwiCo Subscription?

KiwiCo subscription prices vary based on the specific crate and terms you sign up for.

Month-to-month subscriptions are $22.95 per crate for most KiwiCo boxes. Monthly subscriptions for the Eureka Crate and Maker Crate cost $31.95.

The Panda Crate is $41.90 per box (shipped every other month).

Most discounted subscriptions start at $17.50 per month. Discounted subscriptions for the Eureka Crate and Maker Crate start at $25.95 per month. Panda Crate subscriptions start at $15.95 per month.

Is KiwiCo Billed Monthly?

Most month-to-month KiwiCo subscriptions are billed monthly. Monthly crates can be scheduled to ship and bill every other month by contacting KiwiCo customer support.

KiwiCo also offers renewing and termed subscriptions in multi-month increments. These subscriptions are prepaid at the time of purchase (renewing subscriptions are billed every 3, 6, or 12 months depending on the chosen length). 

Does KiwiCo Have Sales?

KiwiCo occasionally offers seasonal sales on its crate subscriptions and online Store. Since these deals are relatively infrequent, however, we recommend taking advantage of a promo code!

Are KiwiCo Crates Returnable?

KiwiCo subscription crates cannot be returned. But KiwiCo does accept returns within 60 days of items purchased from the online Store.

Can You Buy Just One KiwiCo Crate?

KiwiCo makes it easy to purchase a single crate by signing up for a 1-month termed subscription. You can also sign up for a month-to-month subscription and choose to cancel before the second crate ships.

Is KiwiCo Sold In Stores?

Currently, KiwiCo products are only available via subscription or the online Store!

How Did KiwiCo Get Its Name?

The Kiwi name and mascot were inspired by a plush toy one of the co-founders brought back for her children from New Zealand. According to KiwiCo, the kiwi bird stands for the “ability to give birth to large ideas.”

Kiwi bird

Who Founded KiwiCo?

KiwiCo was founded by Sandra Oh Lin, Yael Pasternak Valek, and Yu Pan. All of KiwiCo’s co-founders were originally in the tech industry, with past experience at PayPal, Yahoo, eBay, and YouTube between them.

When Was KiwiCo Founded?

Kiwi Co was first launched in 2011 (named Kiwi Crate, at the time).

Where Is KiwiCo Based?

KiwiCo is based in the United States. The main headquarters are located in Mountain View, California.

How Much Is KiwiCo Worth?

KiwiCo’s estimated net worth is currently over $100 million.

How Many People Does KiwiCo Employ?

Though KiwiCo started as a very small company, it’s estimated that the company employs between 50 and 100 people today.

Is KiwiCo Owned By A Parent Company?

KiwiCo is privately and independently owned. Sandra Oh Lin still acts as CEO today.

Where Are KiwiCo Products Manufactured?

All KiwiCo crates and products are designed and packaged in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s unclear where the materials themselves are sourced and manufactured before being shipped to the KiwiCo warehouse.

Are KiwiCo Toys Non-Toxic?

KiwiCo meets or exceeds all safety standards when selecting materials for its toys and projects.

Is KiwiCo Sustainable?

Aside from using minimal cardboard packaging, KiwiCo does not specifically design its products or packaging to be sustainable. However, it does not seem to be significantly better or worse than its competitors in this regard.

Do KiwiCo Subscriptions Automatically Renew?

All KiwiCo subscriptions automatically renew except for prepaid termed subscriptions (available in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month durations).

KiwiCo subscription boxes delivered to your door

How Do You Cancel A KiwiCo Subscription?

The easiest way to cancel a KiwiCo subscription is by signing into your online account. You can also cancel a subscription by contacting customer support directly. 

How Do I Renew My KiwiCo Subscription?

At the end of a termed subscription, KiwiCo will offer the option to renew via your online account. Month-to-month subscriptions will automatically renew until canceled.

How Do I Cancel Auto-Renewal On KiwiCo?

Auto-renewing subscriptions can be easily toggled to not renew at the end of the existing term within your KiwiCo account settings. Just keep in mind that cancellation will not go into effect until the current term has ended.

Can You Pause A KiwiCo Crate Subscription?

Active KiwiCo subscriptions can be paused for a month or longer to accommodate vacations or otherwise busy schedules. For non-prepaid subscriptions, billing will also be paused for the same duration.

Can You Switch A KiwiCo Subscription To A Different Crate?

KiwiCo’s customer support can help switch an existing subscription to a different type of crate. You can also transfer a subscription to a different recipient if desired.

How Do You Change Your Address With KiwiCo?

Billing and shipping addresses can be updated by signing into the My Account page on the KiwiCo website.

How Do I Contact KiwiCo?

You can contact KiwiCo customer support using the built-in website chat feature, email, 

How Do I Email KiwiCo?

Reach out with questions or concerns by emailing [email protected]. Most responses are sent within 24 hours.

How Do I Contact KiwiCo By Phone?

The KiwiCo customer support phone number is 1 (800) 714-4828. Note that customer support is only available via phone during business hours.

What Is Camp KiwiCo?

Camp KiwiCo is a virtual summer camp experience that combines hands-on activities with fun, instructional videos. Projects and videos are split into age groups: Koala Camp (for ages 3 to 4), Kiwi Camp (for ages 5 to 8), and Tinker Camp (for ages 9 and up).

Camp KiwiCo is a virtual summer camp experience

Is Camp KiwiCo Free?

All Camp KiwiCo videos and instructional PDFs are free via email. The optional crates that go with each Camp KiwiCo day must be purchased separately.

How Much Are Camp KiwiCo Crates?

The optional crates featured in Camp KiwiCo range from $14.95 to $29.95. 

Each day of Camp KiwiCo utilizes a different crate. All 5 crates for Koala Camp, Kiwi Camp, or Tinker Camp can be purchased together at a discounted price of $99.95.

Can You Give KiwiCo As A Gift?

There are several ways to give KiwiCo as a gift, including gift subscriptions, gift cards, and group gifts

Does KiwiCo Have Gift Cards?

KiwiCo offers gift cards that can be redeemed for subscriptions or used in the online Store. Gift cards can be purchased in any amount and can be either printed or delivered straight to the recipient via email.

How Do KiwiCo Group Gift Subscriptions Work?

Group gift subscriptions are an easy way for multiple friends and family members to contribute to a single subscription. Once all of the recipient’s information is filled out, just forward the group gifting link to anyone who wants to contribute.

If the final amount is less than the cost of a subscription, the recipient will still receive a gift card. The same is true of any amount that exceeds the cost of a subscription.