Green Kid Crafts vs Kiwi Crate STEM Subscription Boxes
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Green Kid Crafts Vs Kiwi Crate | Best in STEM (Boxes!)

Everyone loves getting things in the mail! So it’s no surprise that monthly STEM subscription boxes are some of the most popular gifts for kids right now. 

Two names you might already be familiar with are Green Kid Crafts and Kiwi Crate.

The main difference between Green Kid Crafts and Kiwi Crate is that Green Kid Crafts focuses on sustainability and eco-conscious living with their subscription boxes, whereas KiwiCo provides a wider range of innovative options at a lower price point.

While KiwiCo is no slouch on the sustainability front, Green Kid Crafts have a greater emphasis on minimizing their environmental impact, and they plant a tree for every box sold.

Depending on your priorities, however, one may be just a little bit better suited to your family than the other.

Let’s take an in-depth look into the differences (and similarities!) between Green Kid Crafts vs Kiwi Crate and how these subscriptions can help make at-home learning fun:

Green Kid CraftsKiwi Crate
Age Range3 to 10+ years5 to 8 years (other KiwiCo boxes cater to ages 0 to 16+)
PriceStarting at $24.95 per monthStarting at $17.50 per box
ShippingFree within the U.S.
$6.50 international flat rate
Free within the U.S.
$4.95 to $8.95 international
Subscription Options
Kits Sold IndividuallyYesYes
Sibling Add-On AvailableYesYes
Cancellation PolicyCancel online at any time (goes into effect at the end of the current subscription term)Cancel online at any time (goes into effect at the end of the current subscription term)
Refund PolicySubscriptions are non-refundable (subscriptions can be transferred to another recipient or switched to a different box type)Subscriptions are non-refundable (subscriptions can be paused and/or switched to a different box type)

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts Jr. Box contents. Photo by Allison Ebbets

Green Kid Crafts is a monthly subscription service that combines the best of science, art, and eco-conscious living. 

One of Green Kid Crafts’ biggest selling points is that it was started by an environmental scientist who wanted to create a fun and educational experience for her own kids. 

The sustainable packaging and materials included in each box reflect the founder’s ecological background. Plus, Green Kid Crafts plants a tree every time a box is sold.

Green Kid Crafts is based in (and all boxes ship from) San Diego, California.

Age Range

Green Kid Crafts offers a wide range of art- and science-themed boxes designed for children ages 3 to 10. Some kits may also be appropriate for slightly older kids.

While each kit is carefully designed with the intended age range in mind, younger children may require help from an adult. 


Green Kid Crafts offers two subscriptions based on age: The Junior Box, for ages 3 to 5, and the Discovery Box, for ages 5 to 10 (and older).

Each subscription box contains 4 to 6 educational projects that kids can complete alone or with an adult. 

The included projects are all based around a singular theme (we previously reviewed a weather-themed box from Green Kid Crafts!) and include a combination of crafting, building, and experimenting. While the Junior subscription tends to be a bit more craft-focused, the Discovery subscription is all about scientific exploration.

In addition to the materials and instructions needed for each project, Green Kid Crafts boxes also include an illustrated magazine that expands even further on the month’s theme.


Monthly Green Kid Crafts subscriptions start at $24.95. A discounted rate is available if you sign up for several months at a time.

You can also purchase boxes in multi-packs and many of the company’s most popular projects as stand-alone kits. Pricing for these varies but is all clearly listed on the Green Kid Crafts website.

Kiwi Crate

Meteor toss activity in action - from KiwiCo Koala crate

The Kiwi Crate is the original STEAM subscription box offered by KiwiCo. 

Each Kiwi Crate includes projects that teach key science- and art-based skills in a format that children will find both fun and engaging.

Before being shipped out, KiwiCo activities are tested by real kids. This crucial step helps ensure that all Kiwi Crate projects are age-appropriate and fun to complete.

Age Range

Children ages 5 to 8 years old will have a great time working through the projects included in each Kiwi Crate.

For younger and older kids, rest assured that KiwiCo offers a variety of subscription boxes. Currently, the KiwiCo line-up includes subscriptions for children ages 0 to 16 and up!


Each Kiwi Crate contains a varying number of projects depending on size and overall complexity. All of the items included in a single box are based on a central theme.

Alongside the materials needed to complete each crate’s activities, you’ll also find illustrated (kid-friendly!) instructions for the projects and an educational magazine.

KiwiCo emphasizes independent learning and creativity when designing each of its subscription boxes, including the Kiwi Crate. However, certain projects require adult supervision and will make a great bonding opportunity.


Monthly Kiwi Crate subscriptions start at $17.50 per box. Discounted rates are available when you sign up for multiple months at a time.

While KiwiCo does not offer specific boxes for individual sale, you can easily test out the service by signing up for a single month before committing to a longer subscription.

Is KiwiCo Eco-Friendly?

Sustainability may not be at the core of the KiwiCo brand like it is for Green Kid Crafts. But KiwiCo is still a relatively eco-conscious brand.

KiwiCo Crates are shipped in cardboard boxes with minimal packaging to reduce waste. 

No matter the STEM subscription box you choose, just be sure to dispose of all packaging and excess materials responsibly when the time comes.

Kiwi Crate Vs Green Kid Crafts: Which Is The Better STEM Box For Kids?

Although we can’t recommend signing up for a STEM subscription box enough, it’s impossible to say that one of these companies is truly better than the other.

Ultimately, it’s up to you:

On average, Kiwi Crate activities are more innovative than those included in Green Kid Crafts boxes. While kids will have a blast completing the projects in either box, we feel that Kiwi Crate offers a bit more value.

If sustainability is a top priority for your family, then Green Kid Crafts offers a unique take on monthly subscription boxes. And you can rest easy knowing everything inside is overseen by a real mom with a scientific background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can STEM Subscription Boxes Be Given As Gifts?

Yes! Many of the top STEM subscription companies offer an easy gifting service so you can have boxes shipped directly to your chosen recipient each month. This is a great way to give a gift that (literally) keeps on giving.

Are STEM Subscription Boxes Good For Multi-Kid Households?

Whether or not a pair of siblings can share a STEM box is largely dependent on their sharing skills.

Many families have great success turning their monthly shipment into a team activity. Others find that purchasing separate boxes for each child is a worthwhile investment.

Despite relatively high demand from customers, there’s no sign of a Green Kid Crafts or Kiwi Crate sibling add-on option on the way.