Lovevery vs KiwiCo STEM subscription boxes

Lovevery Vs KiwiCo | Battle of the Baby-Toddler STEM Boxes

Countless school-age children receive STEM-based subscription boxes every month. But did you know that you can also sign up to receive educational kits for babies and toddlers?

If you’re looking for a convenient way to source safe and developmentally appropriate play materials, Lovevery and KiwiCo have probably caught your eye. The hard part is deciding between the two!

The main difference between Lovevery and KiwiCo is that Lovevery subscriptions provide age-appropriate play kits for babies and toddlers that include durable Montessori-style educational toys, whereas KiwiCo boxes provide STEAM projects for children of all ages.

KiwiCo crates ship monthly and are significantly less expensive than Lovevery play kits, which ship less frequently.

Keep reading to learn what makes these subscriptions so special, plus how to choose between KiwiCo vs Lovevery for the little ones in your own life.

Age Range0 to 4 years0 to 16+ years
PriceFrom $80 per boxStarting at $17.50 per box
ShippingFree within the U.S., Canada, U.K., and parts of the E.U.Free within the U.S.
$4.95 to $8.95 international
Subscription Options
Kits Sold IndividuallyNoYes
Sibling Add-On AvailableNoYes
Cancellation PolicyCancel online at any time (prepaid discounts will be forfeited)Cancel online at any time (goes into effect at the end of the current subscription term)
Refund PolicyReturns accepted within 30 days for Play Kits still in the original packagingSubscriptions are non-refundable (subscriptions can be paused and/or switched to a different box type)


Lovevery’s subscription boxes — known as Play Kits — include toys expertly curated for specific developmental stages. Play Kits are available for children ages 0 to 4 years old. 

While the Play Kits are sold via subscription only, Lovevery offers a variety of other toys and materials in its online shop that do not require a subscription.


Each Play Kit features a number of curated toys. You’ll also receive a detailed Activity Guide that outlines how to introduce each toy based on complexity and buildable skills.

While Play Kits are designed for specific age ranges, most of the items inside can be kept and played with well after that window has passed.

Baby Play Kits (0-12 Months)

The 0-12 Months subscription includes 6 boxes shipped every 2 months. 

The themes, in order, include:

Toddler Play Kits (1, 2, and 3 Years)

The Lovevery Toddler Play Kits are split up by year — each consists of 4 boxes shipped every 3 months.

The 1 Year subscription themes, in order, include:

The 2 Year subscription themes, in order, include:

The 3 Year subscription themes, in order, include:


Lovevery’s Baby Play Kits are $80 each. The Toddler Play Kits cost $120 each. An entire year of shipments costs $480.

Lovevery makes it easy to manage and even cancel existing orders. Your subscription will auto-renew until the recipient ages out of all available Play Kits or you opt to cancel.

If you cancel your subscription before all of the Play Kits have shipped, you’ll be refunded the difference. (Keep in mind, however, that any discounts will be forfeited.)


KiwiCo is one of the most recognizable names in educational subscription boxes and caters to a variety of ages and focuses.

Each monthly box boasts a specific theme. The projects inside cover a variety of STEAM-based subject matter, though this aspect is more pronounced in boxes geared toward older children.

On top of the monthly subscription service, KiwiCo boxes can be purchased individually.


KiwiCo offers one of the largest collections of STEM-based subscription boxes currently available. However, we’ll only be focusing on those designed for the same age range as Lovevery’s Play Kits:

Panda Crate

The KiwiCo Panda Crate is intended for children from 0 to 24 months. Comparing the KiwiCo Panda Crate vs Lovevery, it is comparable to the 0-12 Months and 1 Year Play Kits.

Instead of hands-on craft projects and science experiments, this KiwiCo subscription includes a variety of safe and age-appropriate toys. Everything inside is designed in partnership with the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Each Panda Crate is curated to the specific developmental stage that coordinates with the recipient’s age. Sample themes include:

  • Bond With Me
  • Sense With Me
  • Explore With Me
  • Count With Me
  • Solve With Me

Unlike other KiwiCo boxes, Panda Crates are shipped every 2 months. 

Koala Crate

For children ages 2 to 4, KiwiCo offers the Koala Crate. For our detailed thoughts, see our full KiwiCo Koala Crate review.

KiwiCo toddler activity - Ocean Games
Ocean games unboxed including ocean sort, ocean creature mosaics, and a story book (Photo by Allison Ebbets)

This monthly subscription bridges the gap between the Panda Crate and other boxes by introducing hands-on crafts and activities alongside educational toys. Each Koala Crate includes 2 or 3 projects based on a fun theme like ocean life, rainbows, or camping.

The Koala Crate is designed to encourage independent learning and play. However, adult supervision is necessary for some materials and projects.


KiwiCo’s pricing varies based on the type of crate you sign up for. The Panda Crate currently costs $41.90 per box (or every 2 months). The Koala Crate costs $22.95 per box (or per month).

Discounted rates are available if you sign up for multiple months at a time. 

Lovevery Vs KiwiCo: Which Should You Choose?

At face value, KiwiCo offers an enriching experience at a much more affordable price point. While Lovevery does provide tons of value for the price, not all families may be able to justify the extra expense for a relatively similar product.

Another benefit to choosing KiwiCo from the very beginning is that it’s easy to transition into different crate subscriptions over time (after all, KiwiCo offers STEM kits for all ages).

Meanwhile, Lovevery is perfect for families who are committed to a Montessori-based curriculum. 

Unlike KiwiCo, Lovevery lets you see exactly what will arrive in each shipment ahead of time. And the toys that come in each Play Kit are extremely durable and will last for many years — they are an investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Subscription Boxes Ideal For Multi-Child Households?

While you can certainly sign up for individual subscriptions for every similar-aged child in the home, it’s certainly not required. (And it’s never too early to foster social skills like sharing!)

Can Lovevery or KiwiCo Subscriptions Be Given As Gifts?

Yes! Both Lovevery and KiwiCo offer traditional gift cards and a group gifting program.
Group gifting programs allow multiple people to contribute to the cost of a single subscription. (You can find more info about the Lovevery and KiwiCo group gift programs on each brand’s website.)