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Lovevery: 40+ Things Every Parent Should Know

Raising a baby (and eventual toddler) is no small feat. So, when it comes to sourcing safe and developmentally appropriate toys, every bit of help counts!

If you’re looking for an alternative to old-fashioned toy shopping, then there’s a good chance the Lovevery Play Kits have crossed your screen. 

But Play Kits are just a small part of what Lovevery has to offer. (And, while we’re on the subject, aren’t the only educational subscription boxes available for young children.)

Before you sign up for a Lovevery subscription or make a purchase from the brand’s online storefront, here’s everything you need to know about the company and its products:

What Are Lovevery Play Kits?

Play Kits are Lovevery’s subscription-based boxes designed for babies and toddlers. 

Each Play Kit is curated and delivered to align with the specific age range and developmental stage of the recipient. They also include information about how to introduce the toys (and in what order) to get the most out of each shipment. 

What Age Range Is Lovevery For?

Lovevery products are designed for children ages 0 to 48 months (4 years). Keep in mind that each Play Kit and stand-alone toy features its own recommended age within this range.

Some toys are also appropriate for older children who wish to continue playing with items from Play Kits or the Lovevery Shop.

Is Lovevery Montessori-Based?

Lovevery adheres closely to Montessori principles when designing its Play Kits and individual toys. Some examples of how Lovevery products are inspired by Montessori include the lack of electronics, use of natural materials, and emphasis on play that mimics real life skills.

But Lovevery also acknowledges the value of “looking beyond” these principles to ensure each child is getting the most from play time.

Where Is Lovevery Based?

The brand’s main headquarters are located in Boise, Idaho. According to the Lovevery LinkedIn profile, there are additional offices in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

When Was Lovevery Founded?

Lovevery was founded in 2015.

Who Is The Founder Of Lovevery?

Lovevery was co-founded by entrepreneurs Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris. 

Before launching Lovevery, Rolph also helped start the baby food brand Happy Family Organics. Morris’s background is in software development.

Who Owns Lovevery Today?

Lovevery is still privately owned, with co-founders Jessica Rolph acting as CEO and Roderick Morris acting as the company’s president.

How Do You Pronounce “Lovevery?”

The company name is pronounced like the phrase “love every.” Lovevery offers a short explanation of the pronunciation:

Where Are Lovevery Products Made?

Lovevery toys are manufactured at the Hape International factory in Ningbo, China. This factory specializes in producing wood and cloth toys.

According to Lovevery, all of its products go through a final inspection in a U.S.-based warehouse before being shipped to customers.

Where Is Lovevery Sold?

For the most complete selection of Lovevery products, is the best place to shop. However, you can also find some stand-alone toys on,,, and select Target locations.

Lovevery Play Kits are only available through the brand’s website or

Does Lovevery Offer Sales Or Coupons?

You can save a bit of money on Lovevery Play Kits and toys by taking advantage of seasonal deals — e.g. Black Friday — or a referral code. 

How Do Lovevery Referrals Work?

By referring a friend (or getting referred yourself) to sign up for a Lovevery subscription, you’ll both receive a $20 credit toward your Play Kits. Right now, this program is only available through the U.S. website.

What Is Similar To Lovevery?

For curated toys that will entertain and educate your baby, the KiwiCo Panda Crate is one of the top alternatives to Lovevery. Similarly, toddlers will enjoy KiwiCo’s activity-based Koala Crate subscription.

You can learn more about the similarities and differences between these subscriptions by checking out our detailed comparison of Lovevery and KiwiCo!

If you’re looking for Montessori-style kits, Monti Kids is another leader in the stage-based subscription box market.

How Much Is A Lovevery Play Kit Subscription?

Lovevery Baby Play Kits are $80 per box (shipped every 2 months). The Toddler Play Kits are $120 per box (shipped every 3 months).

All Play Kits cost $480 for a yearlong subscription.

Lovevery offers a discount to those who prepay for their Play Kit subscription.

Are Lovevery Play Kits Sold Separately?

You can only purchase Lovevery Play Kits by signing up for a subscription. The only way to buy just one Kit is to cancel the subscription after the first shipment.

Individual toys included in Play Kits are also not available for purchase outside of the Kits themselves. However, some retired versions of Play Kit toys are available from retail partners like Target.

How Often Do Play Kits Ship?

The Baby Play Kits (for ages 0-12 months) ship every 2 months. Meanwhile, the 1, 2, and 3 Year Toddler Play Kits ship every 3 months.

Can You Skip A Play Kit?

Lovevery allows subscribers to skip an upcoming Play Kit up to 3 days before the scheduled shipment. The option to do so can be found within the “Manage Subscription” section of your Lovever Account Settings.

Where Do Lovevery Play Kits Ship From?

Play Kit subscriptions to the United States and Canada ship from the company headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Subscriptions to the United Kingdom and rest of Europe ship from the Netherlands.

Do You Have To Return Lovevery Play Kits?

Everything inside each Play Kit is yours to keep. There’s no need to return the items!

Can You Buy Individual Toys From Lovevery?

While toys found inside Play Kits are typically* not sold separately, Lovevery does offer other toys for individual purchase in its Shop. Additional items may be available from partner retailers like Target.

*For more information on potentially being able to purchase past and present Play Kit toys, be sure to read the questions and answers about the new Lovevery Subscriber Shop below.

What Are Lovevery Toys Made Of?

Lovevery toys are made of a combination of wood, cloth, and plastic.

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Are Lovevery Toys Non-Toxic?

All Lovevery products meet or exceed global safety standards for the presence of toxic materials. Lovevery only uses child-safe plastic and paint in its products.

Are Lovevery Toys Choking Hazards?

Some Lovevery items do feature small parts that pose a potential choking hazard. Adult supervision should always be present when playing with these toys. Ensuring that your child is using toys designed for their age range will limit the number of potentially dangerous items.

Is Lovevery Eco-Friendly?

According to Lovevery’s Sustainability Commitment, the company is working to reduce waste and lower its carbon footprint in the coming years. It also utilizes as many sustainable materials as possible in its manufacturing process.

What Is The Lovevery Play Gym?

The Play Gym is one of — if not the most — popular items offered by Lovevery outside of the Play Kits subscription. It is a multi-function floor play structure for babies as young as 0 months.

The Play Gym includes a variety of accessories for teething, developmental play, and sensory exploration. Since its release, it’s also received a number of parenting and design awards.

Does The Lovevery Play Gym Fold Up?

The Play Gym does not technically fold up. However, it can be easily and quickly disassembled for storage by removing the legs. 

Is The Lovevery Play Gym Machine-Washable?

When it comes to the Lovevery Play Gym, the Activity Mat, Montessori Ball, and Learn to Focus Zone are all machine-washable. Lovevery recommends air drying these items. Be sure that no water is trapped inside before reassembling.

The rest of the Play Gym should be wiped clean as needed using a gentle, baby-safe disinfectant.

What Age Range Is The Play Gym For?

Lovevery recommends the Play Gym for babies ages 0 months and up. As a rule of thumb, you can continue using the Play Gym until your child physically outgrows it or loses interest in the sensory experiences.

What Is The Lovevery Playshelf?

The Playshelf is a piece of child-friendly furniture designed with Montessori principles in mind. The shelves encourage independent play while the hidden storage cabinet makes toy rotation easy and convenient.

Does Lovevery Offer Replacement Parts?

As part of the brand’s commitment to making toys that last, Lovevery encourages customers to reach out if part of a toy is lost or broken at any point. Customer support will work to ship out a replacement piece whenever possible.

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Where Does Lovevery Ship To?

Lovevery currently ships to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and European Union.

For shipping to the U.S. and Canada, orders must be placed through For shipping to the U.K. and the rest of Europe, orders must be placed through or

How Much Does Lovevery Charge For Shipping?

Lovevery Shipping Charges for United States (excl. Alaska and Hawaii):

Kit Type or Order ValueShipping Cost
Play KitsFree
Orders under $75$5.95
Orders $75 and upFree

Lovevery Shipping Charges for Alaska, Hawaii, and APO:

Order ValueShipping Cost
Orders under $200$9.95
Orders $200 and up$24.95

Lovevery Shipping Charges for Canada:

Kit Type or Order ValueShipping Cost
Play KitsFree
Orders under $75Varies
Orders $75 and upFree

Lovevery Shipping Charges for Europe:

CountryShipping Cost
United KingdomFree
Other E.U. destinationsVaries

How Long Does Lovevery Shipping Take?

On average, Lovevery orders arrive within 5-7 business days in the United States and within 7-14 business days in Canada.

European orders placed on business days before 4PM CET are generally shipped out the same day. Orders placed after 4PM ship out the next business day.

Can You Return Lovevery Products For A Refund?

Lovevery accepts returns of most products within 30 days of purchase. Items must be in the original packaging and in like-new condition.

Note that the Playshelf is not eligible for return or refund. Instead, Lovevery offers a limited warranty on this item.

How Do I Contact Lovevery?

The best way to get in touch with Lovevery support is by filling out the contact form available on the website.

European customers can also fill out an online contact form or reach out to Lovevery support directly via email at [email protected].

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Can You Cancel A Lovevery Subscription?

Lovevery subscriptions can be canceled at any time by logging into your online Account Settings or contacting customer support. If you purchased a discounted prepaid subscription, the discount will be forfeited at the time of cancellation.

What Is The Lovevery Subscriber Shop?

The Subscriber Shop is a relatively new offering from Lovevery — in a sense, you could say it’s in its beta release. This online storefront features a curated list of individual Play Kit toys that can be bought separately. 

The specific products that are available in the Subscriber Shop seems to depend on the age range of the subscribed Play Kit recipient. However, both retired and current toys are available.

As the name implies, it is only available to current Play Kit subscribers, and detailed information about the shop and its contents is rather elusive.

The best source we could find on this new purchasing option is Two Mama Bears, who recently did a little investigative digging into the Subscriber Shop’s mysterious launch.

How Do I Access The Subscriber Shop?

According to Two Mama Bears, the Subscriber Shop can be accessed via a link in the Lovevery website’s footer. (Since the storefront is only available to subscribers, you’ll need to log into your active account first.)

Note that the Subscriber Shop does not seem to be available to everyone — subscribed or not — at this time. Hopefully this changes soon!

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Does Lovevery Offer Gift Cards?

In the U.S. and Canada, Lovevery currently offers gift cards in increments from $25 to $500 USD. These gift cards are delivered to the recipient via email and can be redeemed on any purchase on (including Play Kit subscriptions).

At this time, gift cards are not available for purchase from the U.K. or E.U. websites. Existing gift cards for these sites are still valid for redemption.

Can You Add Lovevery To A Gift Registry?

Lovevery makes it fairly simple to add Play Kits and other products to a gift registry. You can create a registry through the partnered platform

Does Lovevery Offer Group Gifting?

Lovevery previously allowed multiple people to contribute to a gift subscription. However, this program was recently phased out in favor of offering e-gift cards alone.

Gifting groups that were set up before this change can still be accessed and contributed to via the Lovevery website.

Can You Gift A Single Lovevery Play Kit?

While regular customers cannot buy a single Lovevery Play Kit without a subscription, the option is available for gift purchases.