Little Passports Stem Subscription Boxes For Kids
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Little Passports: 25+ Things To Know Before You Subscribe

There’s a lot you can accomplish with at-home learning. But one of the hardest things to do is expose young children to cultures, traditions, and climates that aren’t their own. 

Taking your school-age child to Peru or Singapore probably isn’t possible at the moment. With a subscription to Little Passports, though, you can teach them about the world beyond their front door without ever stepping foot outside!

Despite the sheer number of STEM subscription boxes out there (Little Passports offers science kits, too), these culture- and geography-themed boxes fill a gap in the at-home learning market.

If you’re thinking about investing in a Little Passports subscription for a loved one, then you’ll find the answers to all of your biggest questions below:

What Themes Does Little Passports Cover?

Between the five Little Passports subscriptions currently available, children can explore subjects like geography, culture, history, ecology, and other STEM-related topics.

The Little Passports Culture & Geography subscriptions include Early Explorers, World Edition, and USA Edition. The STEM subscriptions include Science Junior and Science Expeditions.

What Does A Little Passports Subscription Come With?

Each Little Passports box is filled with various toys and activities based on a single theme (like a specific country or STEM topic). Depending on the exact box you subscribe to, you can expect to find items like:

  • Crafts
  • Hands-on experiments
  • Storybooks
  • Games
  • Wall maps
  • Stickers
  • Coloring pages
  • Comic books
  • Puzzles

Little Passports subscribers also gain access to online resources like games, activities, videos, and more.

What Age Group Is Little Passports For?

The Culture & Geography boxes are recommended for ages 3 to 12. The STEM boxes are recommended for children ages 5 and up.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the available subscriptions and associated age ranges:

  • Early Explorers — Ages 3 to 5
  • World Edition — Ages 5 to 8
  • USA Edition — Ages 8 to 12
  • Science Junior — Ages 5 to 8
  • Science Expeditions — Ages 8+

Where Is Little Passports Based?

The Little Passports headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

How Long Has Little Passports Been Around?

Little Passports has been around since 2009, making it one of the oldest educational subscription boxes around today.

Who Started Little Passports?

The Little Passports subscription service was founded by Stella Ma and Amy Norman. At the time of creating the company, the two moms were close friends.

Both co-founders grew up with intercultural backgrounds — Stella was raised in a Chinese-American family and Amy moved between the US and England multiple times. These experiences largely inspired them to create Little Passports as we know it today!

Is Little Passports Available In Other Languages?

Right now, Little Passports boxes are only offered in American English.

How Many Countries Are Included In Little Passports World Edition?

The Little Passports World Edition subscription features 24 countries in total. Children will visit 6 different continents as they discover the culture, ecology, and history of these nations.

Can You Choose Which Kits Little Passports Sends Each Month?

Little Passports subscription boxes are sent in a specific order and cannot be customized. If you are interested in receiving a specific box (say, the Japan box from the World Edition subscription), you will just need to wait until its predetermined time comes.

Can Siblings Share A Little Passports Subscription?

It’s definitely possible for siblings to share a single Little Passports subscription. While you can enter all recipients’ names in the address field when you sign up, the contents of the boxes will not change.

What Is Similar To Little Passports?

One of the most popular alternatives to the Little Passports Culture & Geography boxes is the Atlas Crate from KiwiCo. It’s recommended for children ages 6 to 11 and follows a very similar setup as Little Passports, with monthly boxes centered around various countries. For more details, see our in-depth comparison of KiwiCo and Little Passports.

KiwiCo Vs Little Passports STEM Boxes

While we at STEM Geek have yet to check it out for ourselves, another frequent recommendation for global learning is the WompleBox.

As for the Little Passports STEM range, there are countless high-quality subscription box companies worth considering before committing to a single one. Some of our favorites include MEL Science, Green Kid Crafts, and the aforementioned KiwiCo. 

How Much Is A Little Passports Subscription?

Monthly Little Passports subscriptions cost $27.90 per box. Discounted rates are available if you prepay for 6 or 12 months of shipments upfront.

Are Little Passports Boxes Sold Without A Subscription?

Select Little Passports boxes are available alone or as part of a multi-pack. These purchasing options offer a little bit more control over the kits you receive. But signing up for a subscription is the only way to experience all Little Passports has to offer.

The Little Passports online shop also features a selection of toys and games that are inspired by but completely independent of the subscription boxes. These products can be purchased with or without an active subscription.

Are Little Passports Products Sold In Stores?

Select Little Passports products, including the My Early Explorers and My World Editions Kits, used to be sold at Target in-store and online, but as of this update (Nov 2023), that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Little Passports products are also available through Amazon.

Where Does Little Passports Ship To?

Currently, subscriptions only ship to the United States and Canada. 

According to Little Passports, international shipping is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. As of February 2022, there’s no information available regarding when this suspension will be lifted.

Where Do Little Passports Boxes Ship From?

All Little Passports subscriptions and online shop purchases ship from the United States.

How Much Does Little Passports Charge For Shipping?

All subscriptions and shop orders within the continental US are paired with free ground shipping. Shipping rates to other destinations can be found below.

Alaska, Hawaii, and military addresses:

All SubscriptionsFree
Shop Purchases Bundled w/ SubscriptionFree
Stand Alone Shop Purchases$9.95 USD


Monthly subscriptions$4.95 USD per month
6-Month Subscriptions$29.70 USD
12-Month Subscriptions$59.40 USD
All Shop Purchases$9.95 USD

How Often Does Little Passports Ship?

Little Passports subscription boxes ship monthly.

How Long Does It Take For Little Passports To Arrive?

After purchasing a new subscription, you can expect the first box to ship within 3 to 5 days. Later shipments will ship out at approximately the same time each month. 

Once shipments leave the warehouse, they should arrive within 2 weeks in the United States (or within 4 weeks in all other locations).

How Do I Contact Little Passports?

The easiest way to get in touch with Little Passports customer support is by using the website chat function or by emailing [email protected]

Can I Call Little Passports Customer Support?

While Little Passports may provide support over the phone in select cases, the company does not have a general customer service line available to the public.

Does Little Passports Have A Return Policy?

Little Passports subscription boxes and shop purchases are backed by a Happiness Guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns about a product, you can contact customer support for further assistance.

How Do You Cancel A Little Passports Subscription?

Monthly subscriptions can be easily canceled within your Little Passports account settings. 

You generally can’t cancel a prepaid subscription until the end of the current term. However, Little Passports customer support may be able to help find a solution in some cases! 

Does Little Passports Auto-Renew?

All Little Passports subscription auto-renew. You can toggle off this option in your online account settings at any time. Just note that your subscription will continue until the end of the current term if you prepaid for 6 or 12 months.

When Will Little Passports Bill My Account?

New subscriptions are first billed at the time of signing up. Recurring subscriptions are billed on either the 10th or 24th day of each month. 

Can You Switch An Existing Subscription To A Different Box?

To switch to a different subscription type, Little Passports recommends reaching out to customer support for assistance. Once you’re in contact with an associate, the switch should be relatively quick and easy!

The best way to change a monthly subscription to a different box is to simply cancel the current subscription and purchase a new one of the desired type.

Can You Sign Up For Little Passports As A Gift?

Purchasing a Little Passports subscription as a gift is just as easy as signing up for one for yourself! 
Little Passports provides several convenient ways to announce your gift to the recipient, including emailed and printable options. You can also request that a personalized message be included as part of the first monthly box.