How Much Do LEGOs Cost Per Pound

How Much Do LEGOs Cost Per Pound? [Brick For Your Buck!]

Looking to round out your LEGO collection (or start one from scratch)? You could purchase bricks one by one or invest in LEGO sets until you have everything you want. Or you could save time and money by buying LEGOs in bulk.

Buying and selling LEGOs by the pound is standard practice in the world of secondhand bricks! It’s a great way for LEGO enthusiasts to grow or offload their collections without going through the trouble of cataloguing every single piece.

unopened LEGO boxes

Another benefit of purchasing LEGOs by the pound is affordability. With this method, you can easily get your hands on hundreds of new bricks for just a few dollars.

How Much Are LEGOs Worth Per Pound?

Unsorted LEGO bricks currently go for between $6 and $12 per pound on average. Keep in mind that this price range is the bare minimum.

Various factors can increase the price, including:

  • Bricks sorted by color
  • Minifigures
  • Bricks from special series (Technic, Duplo, etc.)

Another thing to look out for is that not all bulk sets are made up entirely of LEGO pieces. 

Some include other toy brick brands that are compatible with LEGO products. This is something the seller may or may not be aware of and make clear in the set description.

How Many LEGOs Are In One Pound?

The number of LEGO bricks in a bulk pound varies greatly depending on the type of pieces included. As a general rule, however, you can assume that each pound includes 150 to 300 pieces.

Where To Find LEGOs For Sale By The Pound


You can shop for used LEGOs in bulk from the comfort of your home by turning to a platform like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon. BrickLink — an online marketplace that specializes in buying and selling toy bricks — also features bulk listings on occasion.

Some smaller toy retailers also offer LEGO products in bulk on their websites.

While purchasing LEGOs by the pound online is incredibly convenient, there’s no way to truly know what you’re getting.

Be sure to purchase from trusted sellers (look for positive reviews from previous customers) and read the entire item description before spending money on used LEGOs online!

Yard Sales

Families clearing out old childhood toys often have a small collection of LEGOs. 

The average person hosting a yard sale isn’t likely to sort through these bricks one by one. Instead, the more likely solution is to sell the entire set for a bulk price.

Now, a neighborhood yard sale probably won’t sell LEGOs specifically by the pound. But you can estimate the weight of what you’re buying to determine if it’s a good value or not.

Thrift Shops

Many thrift shops refuse to accept LEGOs because they’re too big of a hassle to resell. But it’s still worth checking your local shops’ inventories if you’re on the hunt for some bargain bricks.

Again, you probably won’t find these LEGOs sold exactly by the pound. 

Official LEGO Stores

While buying used LEGOs in bulk is extremely common, you can also purchase new LEGOs this way.

Official LEGO stores typically feature bins of bricks that can be scooped into a container and bought for a bulk price — similar to purchasing nuts or grains at the grocery store. 

New LEGO bricks sold this way are priced by volume rather than weight. However, there’s really no better way to buy LEGOd in bulk while also controlling which pieces you receive!

LEGO duck on top of green LEGO bricks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recycle old LEGOs?

If selling your old LEGOs sounds like too much of a hassle for the potential profit, recycling may be next on your list.

First, you probably shouldn’t recycle LEGOs in the traditional sense. Each LEGO piece contains many types of plastic. Standard recycling centers aren’t capable of splitting up those materials for repurposing.

Currently, the best way to dispose of old LEGOs is via LEGO Replay. This is a relatively new program that lets LEGO users donate their old bricks to be sorted, cleaned, and distributed to kids in need.

Right now, LEGO Replay is only functional in the United States. But some third-party companies offer similar donation programs around the world!

What is the best way to clean LEGOs?

LEGO’s official recommended cleaning method is to hand wash each brick one by one. For those buying or selling LEGOs by the pound, however, this just isn’t realistic.

A faster solution is to fill a large sink or tub with water up to 104 °F (40 °C). Add your preferred dish soap or laundry detergent and the LEGO pieces to the water — it’s important to separate all of the bricks beforehand. Mix everything around before rinsing with clean water and laying the pieces out to dry overnight.

If desired, LEGO bricks can also be soaked in diluted white vinegar for 10 minutes for sterilization. For more, check out our guide to how to wash LEGOs!