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11 Awesome Fidget Toys For Nail Biters | Sensory Chew Toys

Nail biting is a habit that affects all demographics. Despite its prevalence, however, a foolproof remedy for nail biting has yet to be discovered.

While no solution has a 100% success rate, some are more effective than others. One of the newest recommendations for those struggling to stop nail biting is the use of fidget toys.

The ARK Brick Stick offers a convenient and safe alternative to nail biting for adults and children of all ages. It’s a great starting point for anyone new to fidget toys and sensory chews.

With that said, the best fidget toys to stop biting nails come in many shapes, styles, and functions. Keep reading to find the right solution for you or your loved one!

ARK's Brick Stick XXT Textured Chew Necklace Made in The USA (Very Firm, Blue)
Best overall
ARK Brick Stick
  • This medical-grade chewable pendant is available in several colors and toughness levels.
Flō Stress Relief Mindful Necklace | Breathing Necklace Meditation with Chain | Breathing Necklace Tool | Slate
Best for Teens & Adults
Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace
  • Practice mindfulness and slower breathing with the wearable metal mouthpiece.
Fidget Dodecagon –12-Side Fidget Toys Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti Depression Cube for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism (B3 Blue Sky)
Budget Option
Fidget Dodecagon
  • Keep your hands busy at work, school, and beyond with this multi-function fidget toy.

Best Fidget Toys For Nail Biters 2024

Our Top Pick — ARK Brick Stick

Best Overall

ARK's Brick Stick XXT Textured Chew Necklace Made in The USA (Very Firm, Blue)

ARK Brick Stick

This medical-grade chewable pendant is available in several colors and toughness levels.

The ARK Brick Stick is one of the best sensory chew toys to help mitigate the urge to nail bite when stressed, focused, or bored. It is recommended for adults, teens, and children 5 years and older.

The simple, LEGO-inspired pendant is made of chewable, medical-grade plastic. Besides, it has been thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the sensory details.

Both sides of the ARK Brick Stick feature a different textured surface for a variety of sensory experiences. The length has been kept at 5 inches so that it reaches the back molars and provides the maximum sensory feedback.

This fidget toy comes in several toughness ratings for mild to avid chewers. Each toughness level is available in several colors, making it easier to find a chewable necklace you or your child will enjoy wearing.

Note, the clasp and the chord are NOT intended for chewing. So, make sure that those parts don’t act as a choking hazard for your kid.

Best for Adults — Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace

Best for Adults

Flō Stress Relief Mindful Necklace - Breathing Necklace Meditation with Chain - Breathing Necklace Tool - Matte Black

Flō Breathing Necklace

Practice mindfulness and slower breathing with the wearable metal mouthpiece.

Not many people will admit this, but adults can be nail biters too. And since you can’t exactly chew in public, this Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace could be the solution. Teens could also benefit from it, provided they have enough patience to learn and breathe slowly!

Using this necklace can help replace the oral fixation of nail biting while encouraging more productive stress management. Exhaling through the pendant forces you to slow down your breathing — a natural technique to reduce stress.

The Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace comes in several metal finishes to suit any fashion sense. And it will blend into any outfit when not in use, offering discretion when you need it most.

That said, it’s not like this wearable is only for nail biters. Anyone can use it! I’ve found it very useful at work, whenever I feel the need to either unwind in between different tasks or even calm down while typing away.

Best Budget Option — Fidget Dodecagon

Best Budget Option

Fidget Dodecagon –12-Side Fidget Toys Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti Depression Cube for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism (B3 Blue Sky)

Fidget Dodecagon

Keep your hands busy at work, school, and beyond with this multi-function fidget toy.

In many cases, preventing nail biting is as simple as keeping our hands occupied when the urge arises. The Fidget Dodecagon is a handheld fidget cube boasting 12 different functions (one on each side!). Not only does it help to calm the nerves, it also helps you to deal with a stressful situation.

The Dodecagon is made from high-grade ABS plastic and has a robust design. Being compact, it’s also easy to carry around.

While the Fidget Dodecagon is not intended to be chewed, it is still one of the best fidget toys for nail biters motivated by boredom or under-stimulation. It’s small enough to be kept in a backpack pocket or even attached to a keychain for easy portability.

This fidget cube is appropriate for nearly all ages. However, small children may have a hard time using this toy during other activities.

Best Spinner — FIGROL Fidget Spinner 5-Pack

Best Spinner

FIGROL Fidget Spinner, Led Light Fidget Toy Rainbow Finger Toy Hand Fidget Spinner-Kids for ADHD Anxiety Stress Reducer (5 Pack)

FIGROL Fidget Spinner

Find distraction with this new take on the old-fashioned fidget spinner.

If you want a fidget toy that amps up the fun factor for kids, the Figrol Fidget Spinner is a great pick. Each pack contains five spinners of different colors that can be easily twirled between your fingers. This helps to keep the hands occupied and prevent nail biting.

There are LED lights built into each spinner and a simple press on the plastic surface allows you to change the LED pattern. There are 36 different LED patterns that can keep the kids distracted for hours. Once rotated they appear extremely colorful and are sure to captivate the kids.

Even though the LEDs are cased in cased in a relatively soft plastic shell, the spinners are durable. A few drops and knocks are not going to break them. Besides they are built as per the US toy safety standards. 

Being pocket-sized, they are perfect for kids above 5 years of age to handle easily. Keeping them in your car or desk drawer is not an issue at all. Even though the spinners are a bit flashy, they help to break the pattern of subconscious behavior.

Obviously, the circuits will not last forever and in time a few LEDs will break down. However, considering the price and the high fun-factor, they offer great value.

Best for Mindfulness — Strong Will Anti-Nail Biting Click Pen

Best for Mindfulness

Nail Quail - Strong Will Anti-Nail Biting Click Pen, 7ml, Made in USA

Strong Will Anti-Nail Biting Click Pen

A handy pen that will keep you mindful about your nail-biting habit and is great for one-handed application.

The Strong Will Anti-Nail Biting Click Pen keeps you mindful through your taste buds. But if you’re expecting to taste roses, you’re in for a surprise!

This easy-to-use click pen contains an odorless liquid that’s extremely bitter. Using the brush on the pen’s tip, it can be applied to your nails. The liquid dries up and remains invisible.

Basically, it’s a modern take on grandma’s way of dealing away with this nasty habit with her grandkids: by rubbing some chili powder onto the tips of their fingers. (The most obvious con of this method being that your finger tips are kind of red, so you won’t fall into that trap!)

This thing doesn’t visually remind you not to bite. Since the liquid is free from chemicals like lacquer, parabens, formaldehyde, or ethyl acetate and has no harmful effects.

On the plus side, it contains organic compounds like aloe leaf juice, eucalyptus leaf, wintergreen leaf, ginger root, and oat kernel. The compounds act as anti-inflammatory agents.

The compact design makes the perfect on-the-go tool that can be used for both kids and adults. And as per the feedback from users, it’s an effective tool for chronic nail biters. In addition, it can also check thumb-sucking habits in kids.

Best Discreet Fidget Toy — Fidgetland Noah

Best Discreet Fidget Toy

Fidgetland Noah - ADHD/ADD, Stress & Anxiety, Bike Chain Fidget, Classroom Approved (Solid Rings) (Black)

Fidgetland Noah

Fidget anywhere with this discrete on-the-go fidget toy that is an effective substitute for nail biters.

Nail biting can be a rude and improper habit in a professional environment. The Fidgetland Noah has a subtle design and is a perfect toy for fidgeting while in a conference or meeting.

This is a hand-made product made from two interlocking rings with a silicone band in the middle of each. The rings are made from high-grade stainless steel and are buffed and polished to perfection. 

Being a compact toy, it fits into the hand easily. You can also use it with your hand in your pocket. The rings move smoothly and work like a treadmill for easing nervous tension by using your fingers.

There’s a slight metal jingle when you play with it. The good thing is, it’s not loud or distracting in any way. 

Made from stainless steel, the Noah Fidget toy is resistant to rusting or chipping and you can expect it to last long. In fact, the product comes with a lifetime warranty. That said, it’s more expensive than the other options.

Best Pencil Topper for Kids — Panny & Mody Sensory Chew Pencil Toppers

Best Pencil Topper for Kids

Sensory Chew Necklaces Pencil Toppers Set(6 Pack), Silicone Chew Stick Autism Chew Toys for Kids, Boys and Girls, Oral Sensory Motor Aids(Blue, Green, Red)

Panny & Mody Sensory Chew Pencil Toppers

Protect your kid’s teeth (and their pencils!) with these 2-in-1 chewable toppers & necklaces made of food-grade silicone.

If you prefer chewable toys to distract your child, the Pencil Toppers from Panny & Mody are a good option as they are available in different shapes and colors. You can even choose between different textures as per your preference. They also work great for kids with ADHD who seek constant sensory stimulation.

Each of these pieces is made from pure food-grade silicone and is BPA and phthalate-free. The necklaces come with a nylon cord and a breakaway clasp. While they are a bit pricey, each set has three pendant necklaces and three pencil toppers. That adds to the value.

Kids are prone to leaving things in all kinds of weird (and dirty!) places, and the manufacturer knows it. That’s why they designed these toppers to be dishwasher-safe.

Best Pencil Topper for Adults — Chewberz Pencil Toppers

Best Pencil Topper for Adults

The Pencil Grip Chewberz Pencil Toppers, Latex-Free Chewable Pencil Toppers, Navy Blue, Set of 3 - TPG-883

Chewberz Pencil Toppers

Inconspicuous toppers that don’t scream “kids!”

Very similar in functioning and purpose to the above Fidgetland Noah, the Chewberz are different in shape and color.

In other words, they don’t scream “kids.” Exactly what you need as an adult who chews on pencil tops (or your nails).

The navy blue colored chewable toppers are made from a special rubber that is latex free. The material is also non-toxic and free of phthalates. Each set has three units that add to the value. These come in three different textures — smooth, dotted, and ridged.

Users especially appreciate the discreet design that makes them perfect for adults too. Besides, they are also an affordable option.

The toppers are designed to fit most pens and pencils. Overall, they are thick enough to withstand moderate chomping and biting. Still, aggressive chewers will need something tougher.

Best Fidget Necklace — Steel Lynx Möbii Necklace

Best Fidget Necklace

Mobii Necklaces (Multicolor) Pendant Combos, Fidget Infinity Loop Forever Spiral Jewelry (Satin Cord 18-20in, Rainbow, Medium)

Steel Lynx Möbii Necklace

Keep a fidget toy always within reach with this stylish Möbii necklace pendant.

Not all fidget jewelry is meant to be chewed. For those interested in a wearable fidget toy to help stop nail biting, the Steel Lynx Möbii Necklace is a great option for everyday wear.

This simple yet attractive necklace is perfect for idly playing with when focusing or stressed. It can keep your fingers busy in lieu of biting your nails.

With many colorways to choose from, this fidget necklace will suit almost any wardrobe.

At first glance, it may seem that the rings will tangle up with use. However, the design ensures that they do not. Moreover, you can fidget with this necklace in multiple ways.

We recommend the Steel Lynx Möbii Necklace for adults, teens, and children who have graduated to metal jewelry. It should not be worn by those who will be tempted to chew on the Möbii pendant.

Best Fidget Ring — ALEXTINA Anxiety Ring

Best Fidget Ring

ALEXTINA Spinner Rings for Anxiety Moon Star Fidget Ring Stress Relief Anxiety Ring for Women Teen Girls Engagement Wedding Promise Wedding Band Boho Jewelry Silver Black Size 8

ALEXTINA Anxiety Ring

Fidget anywhere with this beautiful ring that is a great choice for those looking for a low-profile fidget toy.

If you’re one of those people who dislike necklaces, you might just want to give a ring a try.

The Alextina Anxiety Ring is also a nice pick because it matches with other accessories and jewelry quite easily. 

Made from 316 stainless steel, these rings come in multiple attractive designs. That allows you to pick a design that matches your personality and fashion sense.

The stainless steel material is anti-allergic and resistant to corrosion. The matte finish looks attractive and the color doesn’t fade. Since it has excellent durability, the ring is definitely one of the most versatile options.

The design is simple with two circular bands on top of each other. This unique design makes it easy to spin the outer band. Being a soundless fidget toy, it remains unnoticed. Perfect for discreet spinning in a meeting!

Moreover, the rings come with a money-back guarantee. For this price, we feel that this ring offers the right bang for your buck.

Best Desk Fidget Toy — ONO Roller

Best Desk Fidget Toy

ONO Roller - Handheld Fidget Toy for Adults | Help Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Tension | Promotes Focus, Clarity | Compact, Portable Design (Full Size/Aluminum, Black)

ONO Roller

A practically designed fidget toy with top-notch quality that works well as a sensory tool.

If you want to stay focused on your work while sitting still at your desk, a fidget toy can be very helpful. Since this innovative roller keeps your hands busy, you won’t get a chance to bite your nails.

The ONO Roller Black is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has an attractive scratch-resistant finish. The rollers are set on aluminum bearings to ensure smooth rolling. The motion also helps the muscles of your palm to relax and provides a satisfying feel.

The use of bearings makes this a noiseless toy and the compact design makes it a travel-friendly option. That said, it’s not small enough to use with your hands in your pocket. While the overall fit and finish are excellent, it’s also heavier than most other fidget toys.

The only downside is that it’s a bit costly for an item that’s merely supposed to help you unwind. Still, if you want a smooth and satisfying fidget toy, this is worth a closer look.

What to Consider When Buying a Fidget Toy for a Nail Biting Child (or Adult!)


Size is a matter of both comfort and safety. 

Chewable fidget toys come in a variety of sizes to fit all kinds of mouths. 

Steer clear of fidget toys small enough to pose choking hazards to young children. 


Any fidget toy meant to be chewed on must be made of food-grade materials and come with clear cleaning instructions. 

Avoid toys with small nooks and crannies that may harbor bacteria. 

kid biting nails


With so many fidget toys available, there’s no shortage of “fidgety” functions to choose from. But what works for one person won’t always work for another!

Some nail biters prefer fidget toys that can be chewed on — the goal is to replace the act of biting. If your nail biting is the result of general compulsion or restlessness, however, other types of fidget toys may work as distractions as well.


Portability is an important factor of all fidget toys. Even the best fidget toy is of little use if it’s not within reach when you need it most.

This can mean something different from person to person. 

Some people might prefer to keep a fidget toy in their bag, backpack, or pocket. Meanwhile, others feel most comfortable keeping a fidget on their person in the form of a necklace, ring, or something similar.


Not all fidget toys are appropriate for all contexts. This is especially true when shopping for solutions intended for an adult nail biter.

Fortunately, fidget toys come in a variety of types and styles. Some are more appropriate for professional settings than others.

Even if professionalism isn’t a concern, having access to a more discreet fidget toy may come in handy! After all, few nail biters want to draw attention to the habit (or whatever steps they are taking to mitigate biting).

Fidget Toys For Nail Biters — An Effective Remedy To Stop Nail Biting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can fidget toys help prevent skin picking?

Nail biting is just one habit or compulsion that can sometimes be managed with fidget toys. Skin picking is another common example.

While you can technically use any fidget toy to counteract any behavior, the best fidget toys for skin picking tend to be a bit different than those recommended for nail biting.

Do stress balls help with nail biting?

Using a stress ball probably won’t replace the act of nail biting itself. But it can help address some common motivators for nail biting in the first place.

Squeezing a stress ball keeps your hands away from your mouth, indirectly preventing nail biting.

If you tend to bite your nails when you feel stressed or restless, using a stress ball could alleviate these emotions.

How often should fingernails be cut?

Letting your nails grow too long can make it easier to bite or pick at them. Instead, dermatologists recommend sticking to a regular nail trimming schedule to help combat the habit.

As a general rule, cutting fingernails every two weeks is a great way to keep them a consistent length. However, avid nail biters might have better luck trimming as often as weekly!

Does bitter nail polish work for nail biting?

It can. But it’s not always the best solution.

Nail biting is rarely a behavior that occurs for no reason. Most of us bite our nails when we feel stressed, bored, or are craving physical stimulation. 

In many cases, using a bitter nail polish product will prevent biting (at least for a time) but won’t actually resolve the “trigger.” So you may find that you or your loved one starts engaging in other compulsive behaviors instead.

However, bitter polish can be used in conjunction with fidget toys and sensory chews to encourage more productive behaviors!

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