OzoBot Bit vs Evo - codable robot toys that allow screen-free programming

Ozobot Bit vs. Evo – What is the Difference Between These Cute Little Robots?

So you’re looking to buy a programmable bot for your kid or your classroom.

Yep, OzoBot is one of those go-to companies – both for parents and educators.

For children interested in robotics and programming, there is a world of toys out there. Many companies are now creating toys focused on teaching STEM concepts to young children.

OzoBot offers two main products aimed at teaching children programming and robotics skills: the Bit and the Evo.

Both of these robots are an excellent introduction to the necessary STEM skills for interested children. Each of these robots is pretty easy for children to use, but they do increase in complexity and sophistication as your child develops their skills.

Though we’re sad to see that OzoBot Bit is, for some reason, very hard to find these days. (The company never said it’s discontinued.)

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Ozobot Bit vs. Evo – Key Points:

Best for Younger Kids
Ozobot Bit
  • Recommended for children as young as six
  • Allows children to code through colors and drawing.
Evo For Home
Best for Older Children
Ozobot Evo
  • Suitable for children around the age of eight
  • Allows children to program the robot directly instead of simply drawing lines on paper.

What Are the Differences Between the Bit and the Evo?


The OzoBot Bit is designed for children as young as six.

The Evo, on the other hand, requires a bit more skill and concentration, making it more suitable for children around the age of eight. If your child is on the younger end of the spectrum, you should likely opt for the more accessible Bit robot. For older children, the Evo is a better option.

App Compatibility

The OzoBot Evo is compatible with the OzoBot app, which allows children to program the robot directly instead of simply drawing lines on paper.

Children can use the OzoBlockly code to create programs for their Evo to perform. Furthermore, this app also lets children drive the robot without any programming using the touchscreen of their iPad or a smartphone. This app also controls Evo’s lights, speed, and language.

The OzoBot Bit has various apps of its own, though each has different functions and abilities. This app allows children to code through colors and drawing.

In general, this is much easier than using the OzoBlockly system. Therefore, this little robot is more aimed at smaller children. If your child can draw a line, they can use these Bit apps successfully.

These apps also include various games children can play, some of which have more to do with coding than others. While this Bit is compatible with three different apps, we generally recommend that you download all of them for your child for them to get the most out of their robot.

Additional Features

Ozobot Bit vs. Evo
Source: OzoBot Screenshot

Evo has more features than Bit. Evo has the ability to make sounds, while Bit does not. Evo has extra LEDs, which may or may not make your child more interested in using it. Evo also comes with proximity sensing technology, which prevents it from running into things.

These features by themselves aren’t a big deal, but when taken altogether, they make Evo a more complete, more entertaining robot that is capable of more advanced behaviors.


All the extra gadgets and capabilities of EVO also make it more expensive. Normally, it is almost twice as expensive as Bit is.

Thankfully, both robots are very affordable, so you shouldn’t base your buying decision solely on the fact that Bit is the cheaper one. However, if your child is firmly in-between the recommended ages and you aren’t sure whether or not they’ll actually like this toy, price is something you should keep in mind.

How to Decide Between the Evo and the Bit

First things first, you should look at the recommended ages. If your child is barely six, Bit is the way to go. If they’re pushing double-digits, you should probably consider the Evo instead. However, if they’re eight years or older, or have lots of experience with STEM toys, you’re going to need to look at other factors to determine which one to purchase.

Evo is more expensive, but also comes with more features and will likely keep an older child entertained for longer. However, Bit is still a great robot and is the cheaper option. If your child loves STEM toys, they’ll probably get more out of the Evo. If they have little experience with programming in general, you might want to consider purchasing the Bit.

Ozobot Evo Educator Kit

A must-have for every classroom.

One Ozobot option that we really love is the Evo Educator Entry Kit. This set, which is not much more expensive than the Evo by itself, includes ‘Bot Camp’ self-guided teacher training, plus 4 washable color code markers and a micro-USB charger.

What a great way to get to find out what this robot can do and how to use it in the classroom!

OzoBot Bit or OzoBot Evo?

Both of these little robots are great ways to introduce children to STEM and programming concepts. The main difference between them is that Bit is designed more for younger children, while Evo offers more depth and sophistication for older children.

We highly recommend considering your child’s age when choosing between these OzoBot products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evo Vs. Bit
Source: OzoBot Screenshot

What is Ozobot Bit?

Ozobot Bit is a robot toy that lets kids learn coding in a fun way. They can start by programming the Bit simply by drawing with colored markers on paper in a completely screen-free way. As they progress, children can start to use OzoBlockly to program the Bit’s behavior.

What is Ozobot Evo?

Evo is a robot toy from Ozobot that gives two options to program it. Kids can start their coding development by drawing instructions with colored markers on paper, for the robot to follow. Kids can then progress to more sophisticated programs using the OzoBlockly coding environment.

What age is Ozobot Bit for?

Bit is designed for children 6 years and older.

What age is Ozobot Evo for?

The Ozobot Evo can be used by kids as young as 6, in much the same way as the Bit. However, older kids, 8 and up, will be better placed to use some of the more advanced features, via the OzoBlockly programming environment.

What coding language do Ozobot robots use?

Ozobot robots can actually be programmed without a screen, simply using colored markers and paper! Beyond this screen-free coding, they can also be programmed using OzoBlockly, which is a blocks-based coding language based on Google’s Blockly.

Can you use normal markers with Ozobot?

Ozobot offers washable color markers that are suitable for use with their robots, in black, green, red and blue. Other thick markers in these colors may be used, however, dry-erase markers are generally not suitable.