Best Headphones For Elementary School Computer Lab - We Got the Beat!

Best Headphones For Elementary School Computer Lab – We Got the Beat!

From engaging with self-paced learning platforms to simply listening to music while working on a research project, students at all levels use headphones on a regular basis. Even very young students, like kindergarteners, utilize headphones to access audio recordings of books.

Today, we will discuss five different sets of headphones beginning with our best overall recommendation – the LilGadgets Untangled Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

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Best Overall – LilGadgets Bluetooth Headphones

Best Overall

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Kids Headphones Wireless Headphones for Kids, On-Ear Bluetooth with Built-in Microphone, No More Tangled Wires, Kids Headphones Bluetooth for School, Blue

LilGadgets Untangled Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Volume-adjustable Bluetooth headphones that can also be used in wired mode

LilGadgets Untangled Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the best product on the market. This product is built to fit all students, beginning at age four. The headphones are built with durable plastic and metal to ensure that they do not snap or wear when students adjust them to their individual sizes. 

Teachers and parents alike will love these because they are volume adjusted, meaning that the headphones are set to only accept a certain level of the sound current. This means no cacophony of headphone backwash for adults and no damaged hearing for children! 

These headphones are Bluetooth adaptive, saving your computer lab the usual mess of wires. However, they do come with a wired option should you need it. The headphones boast twelve hours of complete battery life and can be plugged into to charge in a USB slot at the end of the day. Best of all, LilGadgets offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and donates a percentage of profits to anti-bullying campaigns. You can feel confident that you’ve bought the best headphones on the market and helped a good cause while doing so! 

Best Budget Pick – NIVAVA K8 Kids Wired Foldable Headphones

Best Budget Option

NIVAVA K8 Kids Headphones for Children Boys Girls Teens Wired Foldable Lightweight Stereo On Ear Headset for Cellphones Computer MP3/4 Kindle Airplane School(Black/Blue)

NIVAVA K8 Kids Wired Foldable Headphones

Budget-friendly foldable headphones in a range of child-friendly colors

We recognize that sometimes finding extra technology money in your school budget can be like squeezing water from a stone. For that reason, we’ve included our favorite budget-friendly option: the NIVAVA K8 Kids Wired Foldable Headphones

This product boasts high sound quality with a compact, foldable design – perfect for computer labs lacking space! The headphones do offer noise reduction with more than one customer stating that they were “pleasantly surprised” at how little they could hear coming from the headphones. 

NIVAVA offers one year of product support for this product and states that the best way to reach them is via Amazon email. 

Best Adaptability Option – SIMOLIO Kids Headphones with Safe Volume

Best Adaptability Option

SIMOLIO Kids Wireless Headphones Girls with Volume Limited, Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone, Foldable and Adjustable, Stereo Wireless Over-Ear Headset for Children iPad Kindle Fire Tablet Pink

SIMOLIO Kids Headphones

Durable headphones that are specially designed to protect those sensitive ears.

SIMOLIO Kids Headphones with Safe Volume offer the best volume protection out there. You will love the flexibility you get from this product as the volume protection can be adjusted to three different settings.

Asking students to read in a completely silent classroom? Use the lowest volume setting to expose kids’ ears to the least amount of noise. Hoping to work with a small group while other students use technology independently? Use the medium volume setting to allow students to drown out the background while still protecting their ears! 

These headphones are built to be truly childproof. One product reviewer even called them “indestructible!” The headphones are bendable, which means they cannot be snapped by restless hands. They also come with a sharing jack, which allows students to work easily (and quietly!) as a group with limited devices. 

SIMOLIO offers twenty-four-hour customer service should you wish to learn more about this product.

Best Classic Option – Panasonic Full-Sized Over-the-Ear Lightweight Headphones

Best Classic Option

Panasonic Headphones, Lightweight Over the Ear Wired Headphones with Clear Sound and XBS for Extra Bass, Long Cord, 3.5mm Jack for Phones and Laptops – RP-HT161-K (Black)

Panasonic Lightweight Headphones

Light, durable, and fit most schools’ budgets

Many of us grew up using something similar to the Panasonic Full-Sized Over-the-Ear Lightweight Headphones. There is a reason they have been around for so long! Panasonic is known for creating comfortable products with high sound quality that stand the test of time. If you want an option that will survive everything your students can throw at it, this is your product! 

One of the best qualities of these headphones is their extended wire, which extends over six feet! With this, you do not have to worry about students sitting too close to their screens or too close to one another if they are splitting headphones off. This will minimize the risk to eyes and potential behavior problems in the computer lab.

Look into these headphones for a light, durable, and classic option that is sure to fit most school’s budgets.

Best Glamour Option – Riwbox Light Up Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Best Glamour Option

Riwbox Kids Wireless Headphones, CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth, 85dB Volume Limiting, LED Light Up Over Ear with Microphone for Laptop/PC/TV (Purple&Green)

Riwbox Light Up Cat Ear Headphones

Comes in multiple colors, foldable, bluetooth compatible, and lights up

Looking to host a fun and whimsical learning environment? Check out the Riwbox CT-7S Light Up Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones! These stylish headphones come in multiple colors and contain a light that can be turned on and off at students’ (or teachers’) discretion. 

These headphones are foldable for travel and do boast volume control for the protection of your students’ ears. These headphones are Bluetooth-equipped but can be used with a wire, should you so wish.

Riwbox boasts that their products have been especially useful for students on the autism spectrum, bringing them joy in situations that might otherwise bring sensory concerns.

What to Consider When Buying Headphones

No set of headphones will be the best fit for every consumer. Check out the list below for some factors to consider when purchasing:


Some computer classes last entire hours! Avoid student complaints by selecting a pair of headphones that will prove comfortable for them as they hustle through their schoolwork. When making this determination, look for the depth of padding in the earpieces along with the materials that make up the headband.

Volume Control

A lab serving elementary students will want to consider headphones with volume control. If you serve multiple grade-levels, consider headphones that will allow you to adjust the volume control settings. However, if you know that your laboratory will be primarily serving younger elementary grades, you may wish to just save the hassle and purchase the headphones with preset low volume control.


No two kids have the same-sized noggin! Consider whether or not the headphones you intend to buy will be able to be adjusted for the needs of all of the students you serve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do schools use headphones for?

Many schools use headphones for blended learning platforms, which allow students to learn at their own pace instead of the pace of their whole class. Additionally, they might be used for testing, research projects, and other learning endeavors.

Are headphones safe for children?

Just like everything else, headphones are safe for children when moderation is implemented. Headphones themselves are perfectly safe, but to adequately supervise children we need to ensure that the volume they are utilizing is reasonable. This is one of the reasons our list has so many sets with volume control enabled! 

How do you store headphones in a computer lab?

Many teachers choose to store headphones directly over the computer for ease of transition as various classes rotate through the computer lab. However, if you would prefer something more contained, consider a pocket chart that can either house an entire set of foldable headphones or one size of a non-folded set.

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