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Top 3 Best Robotics Kits for Adults in 2022

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Is there any aspect of our lives that hasn’t been permeated by tech? From smartphones and digital cameras to AI and machine learning, we now find ourselves surrounded by technology.

Welcome to STEM Geek!
Welcome to STEM Geek!

One such area that has made strides in recent years is the field of robotic technology. A study by The Research Corporation predicts that the educational robot market will surpass $2.5 billion, at a healthy CAGR of 14 percent, by 2024. Together with the current global robot market size, it clearly highlights the rapidly growing interest in this field.

Whether you are a seasoned programmer or a complete beginner trying to get into robotics, there are several excellent robotics kits online to get you started. From high-speed mini Sumo robot kits to Arduino robots programmable in C++, there is an overwhelming number of kits to choose from.

In order to make your purchase decision about robotics kits easier, we’ve brought together the best robotics kits for adults – if you’re interested in robotics as a hobby or even if you want to make a career in this field.

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Best Robot Kits for Adults in 2022

Best Overall Sunfounder Smart Video Car Kit

Best Overall

SunFounder Smart Video Car Kit V2.0 PiCar-V Robot Kit Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 3B+ 3B 2B Graphical Visual Programming Language,Video Transmission,Remote Control by UI on Windows Mac Web Browser

Sunfounder Smart Video Car Kit

A perfect STEM kit for adults to learn Raspberry Pi, electronics, programming, and robotics.

The Sunfounder Smart Video Car Kit 2.0 is the perfect STEM kit for adults to learn Raspberry Pi, electronics, programming, and robotics. As the name of the car kit suggests, a video camera is included with a USB adapter so you can watch real-time video transmission on your PC or smartphone.

You’re in the driver’s seat! And you get to broadcast it live to your nerdy friends. Or maybe even hold an online contest!

Once you assemble it, you can remotely control the car over Wi-Fi so that it moves forward, backward, as well as turns right and left at your command. OR you can control it via a PC running just a web browser (any!) and Python 2.7.

Yes, you’ll get to learn or improve your Python, which is a huge pro as it’s one of the most versatile and powerful programming languages.

If you get stuck, consult the Sunfounder Smart Video Car Kit user manual. It features an assembly manual, schematic diagrams, parts list, and detailed descriptions of a few parts. It is one of the best robotics kits for adults to start using Raspberry Pi, learn about basic electronic components and modules, and then use this knowledge to explore other fields.

Main Features:

  • Real-time image/video transmission
  • Simple visual programming
  • Android app
  • Did we mention real-time video?!?

Budget Option Elegoo Mega 2560 Ultimate Kit

Best Budget Option

ELEGOO Mega R3 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit w/ TUTORIAL Compatible with Arduino IDE

Elegoo Mega 2560 Ultimate Kit

A comprehensive kit that comes with plenty of electronic components and more than 35 lessons for Arduino projects.

The Elegoo Mega 2560 ultimate kit is a complete Arduino starter kit that lets you master the fundamentals of Arduino and have fun at the same time. This comprehensive kit comes with plenty of electronic components and a PDF manual with more than 35 lessons for Arduino projects. That’s months worth of practice and learning by doing! Even if you don’t yet have basic programming knowledge, this simple kit provides you the data to help you start from scratch.

This kit from robotics leaders, Elegoo, includes a Mega 2560 controller, an expansion board, and a 6-cell battery case with wire. The package also contains an IC card, RFID module, Breadboard, as well as small parts like resistors, LEDs, potentiometer, and various sensors.  Other cool things like a keypad and an LCD makes the kit a good bang for your buck.

So the fact that this is a budget pick doesn’t mean it’s cheap. On the contrary! It’s one of the most powerful robotics kits on the market.

More Features:

  • The Elegoo Mega 2560 kit comes with more than 200 component pieces of premium quality and its entirely compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Over 35 lessons with detailed instructions
  • A great starter kit for robotic lovers with zero experience

Best for Robotics Fans LewanSoul 6DOF Robotic Arm Kit

Best for Robotic Fans

Robotic Arm Kit 6DOF Programming Robot Arm with Handle PC Software and APP Control with Tutorial

LewanSoul 6DOF Robotic Arm Kit

Assemble it, program it or control it remotely, and have it grab stuff around your desk. A super cool gift!

This desktop robotic arm is based on Arduino Uno – arguably the best board to start your electronics and coding adventures.

Building it is a lengthy process, but it isn’t difficult – there’s a 3D tutorial, plus tons of nitty-gritty videos on Youtube made by buffs, beginners, or just fans such as you or me.

Once you assemble it, you have more than one way of controlling it. You can program it via their proprietary software or even use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Python if you’re an adventurous type. Or you can keep it simple and remote control it.

It’s hard to believe that something previously only found in industry automation and mechanization is now available, in miniature, to anyone. And at a very reasonable price! Similar but more powerful (and much more expensive) robot arms are widely used in electronics, light industry, metallurgy, and work that involves risk.

And this particular robotic arm is made of top quality, almost industrial-grade parts. The mechanics works very smoothly, with excellent servos. The only downside is somewhat limited pre-set functionality, which you can broaden if you know how to code!

Main Features:

  • Multiple control methods
  • The excellent quality of all the mechanical parts makes this arm one of the best robotics kits for adults and kids alike
  • Detailed manual with instructions and some awesome Arduino code routines

Final Thoughts on the Best Robotics Kits for Adults

Robotics kits come in various shapes, sizes, and complexities. It’s a good idea to choose a kit that meets your skill level. Choosing a robotic kit that is too complex will frustrate you, while one that is too simple will get boring quickly. Some robot kits focus on the physical and electronic aspects such as hooking up circuits, while others are built for mastering programming skills. We hope that at least one of the options above piques your interest!

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