STEM LEGO: What Is It? And What is Available in 2021?

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LEGO is an excellent tool for helping kids to learn STEM and STEAM concepts. There are so many great STEM activities you can do with it. While standard LEGO kits are great, if your goal is to provide a more educational experience, you might be interested in some of the specialist options available. 

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Welcome to STEM Geek!

LEGO Education

LEGO Education is dedicated to promoting LEGO as an educational tool. This means that if you’re looking for ideas on how to use LEGO in any type of educational setting, you will want to check out what they have on offer.

For educators and homeschoolers, they have some really useful lesson plans. You can search by lego set, age, and topic to find advice on how you can use LEGO as an integral part of a lesson or series of lessons. It’s also an excellent resource for anyone looking for projects to keep their kids busy.

Game Changers

Another great STEM activity that is especially great for kids who love robotics is Game Changers. It’s a team competition where kids use LEGO to create robots. They then compete against each other in sports-style competitions. There are different age brackets, so kids 4-16 can get involved. It would be a great activity for a STEM club.

STEM LEGO Options for Teens

One of the great things about LEGO is its enduring appeal. There are so many great options, even science LEGO, that make it a fun toy for kids, and adults, of all ages. If you have older kids, then here are some of the sets you’ll want to consider.

LEGO Mindstorms

The whole Mindstorms range is a fantastic option for getting kids hooked on robotics. It combines the flexibility of LEGO with the high-tech excitement of computers and robots. All you have to do is a quick search on the internet for inspiration. There are examples of people using Mindstorms to build chess-playing robots, sock folding machines, and robotic piano-playing hands. 


For younger teens or those less sure of their skills, BricQ is a good place to start. This is a set that is explicitly designed with education in mind. You get a kit that comes with a lot of specialist pieces and instructions and lesson plans. The lessons will see kids building machines that are all based around sports. They create a free-thrown machine, a ski jump, and even a kitesurfer. The lesson plan takes you through how to experiment with these machines to explore the science behind these sports. 

STEM LEGO Options for Preteens

BricQ is a great option for many preteens. If you’re looking for a robotics option that is a little simpler than Mindstorms, there are a couple of options. Boost is one option that is more beginner-friendly. We compared LEGO Boost to Mindstorms and found it was an excellent option for younger kids.


SPIKE Prime is another kit that is aimed at educators. It comes with standards-aligned lesson plans to help you figure out how to get the most out of it. The interface has several different options. It allows kids who aren’t quite ready for coding with Python to still get hands-on and create something impressive.

The kits come with a processor, motor, and sensors. The pieces are larger and colorful, which makes them easy to use and attractive. They are really well designed so that they are compatible with a wide range of materials. The bricks differ from standard LEGO pieces in ways that allow you to get really inventive.

STEM LEGO Options for Younger Kids

LEGO is a really great option for introducing younger kids to the world of STEM. There are some fun and exciting possibilities that any child will love to play with.

LEGO Creative Brick Sets

The LEGO Creative Brick Box sets come with a large set of classic, colorful LEGO bricks. But what makes this set so great is the instruction cards that come with it. There is a wide selection of double-sided cards that guide kids through how to build all sorts of models. This type of instruction is great for kids who are just learning how to follow instructions. It’s also helpful for teaching kids how to visualize 2D information into a 3D creation.

LEGO Coding Express

Practically all preschoolers love trains. They also like to be able to control things. This is why the LEGO DUPLO Coding Express is the perfect STEM toy – it’s a coding toy aimed at preschoolers!

The train set has a selection of color-coded pieces that slot into the tracks. When the train passes over the colored pieces, it receives an instruction. This could be to stop, go backward, go forwards or sound its horn.

If you want to introduce coding concepts like cause and effect, looping, and sequencing, this toy is ideal. It’s the kind of toy that kids will experiment with and learn without any direction needed. It not only promotes experimentation but problem-solving as well. It shows that it’s never too early to start kids learning to code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LEGOs educational?

LEGO is a great toy. Just playing with it can help kids learn some of the basic concepts of engineering and physics. When you use it as part of a planned educational activity, it has boundless educational potential.

Is LEGO a STEM toy?

Some would argue that LEGO is the original STEM toy. It’s an open-ended toy that can be played with however your child wants. It encourages creativity and experimentation. So if you’re looking for a STEM toy, then this is a great option. 

What is a STEM toy?

STEM toys can be lots of different things. However, they should be a toy that helps kids to learn and get excited about STEM topics. The best ones are often open-ended and can be played with in lots of different ways. These types of toys are great for helping kids develop their creativity and allow them to experiment on their own terms.

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