Science Fiction Halloween Costumes
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Science Fiction Halloween Costumes (That Kids Will Surely Love!)

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Just because our traditional Halloween celebrations may look a little different this year doesn’t mean we won’t still celebrate!

If your child is obsessed with all things sci-fi, here are a few costume ideas for Science Fiction Halloween they can dress up in. It won’t matter if they’re confined inside or attending socially distanced get-togethers; they’ll LOVE these ideas.

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From Television

The Clone Wars or The Mandalorian

Mandalorian The Beskar Armor Kids Halloween Costume Gloves Mask Belt (Medium 7-8) Black

We can’t start a list of kids’ science fiction Halloween costumes without talking about the televised Star Wars universe (the movies are below!). Whether your little one is obsessed with The Clone Wars or has gotten into the more recent The Mandalorian or is into Star Trek even, there are practically endless costumes from which they can choose.

From Clone Wars, they can choose the classic Anakin Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi. Or perhaps they love the feisty Ahsoka Tano or (if you want to get really fancy) the fierce General Grievous.

Rubie's Costume Star Wars Complete Yoda, Multi, 6-12 Months Costume

From Mandalorian, everyone loves “Baby Yoda.” But your child might want to go all shiny as “Mando” in his Beskar Armor. They can also be the fearless Din Djarin or the complex Greef Karga.

Part of the beauty of such an expansive universe is your child can become their favorite Star Wars character, choosing from dozens of options.


Firefly cosplay
Eric Skiff / CC BY-SA (

This series may not be as well known, but when new viewers encounter it, they almost always fall in love. Originally aired in the early 2000s, Firefly had a short run on television but became a hit classic with its DVD sales and continuing movie, Serenity. Now, this show enjoys a cult following, and it’s well deserved.

The show’s main cast is a collection of nine characters, each uniquely written and masterfully acted. Older children who have seen the series or movie can choose to be the troubled River, a fairly straightforward costume to put together. Or perhaps the trigger-happy Jane strikes their little space cowboy fancy? Whoever they decide to be, the show’s cult following means there is plenty of places online to purchase the parts to put together whatever costume your child desires.

Adults may want to go with Firefly captain, Malcolm Reynolds. (Personally, one year, I chose Kaylee!)

Dexter’s Laboratory

Another oldie but goodie, Dexter’s Laboratory, was a cartoon that originally aired in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. It’s centered around a boy genius, Dexter, and his giant, secret laboratory beneath his parents’ home.

This quirky, eccentric show lends itself to some iconic characters. Dexter himself has a particularly distinctive look, with his mop of curly red hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and scientist lab coat. His sister Dee Dee would also be fairly straightforward to put together, as she dresses similarly to a ballerina for most of the series.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

This classic show originally aired in the early ‘90s but has seen multiple spin-offs and movies taking it almost to the present. The costumes worn by the Power Rangers are easily recognizable with their diamond patterns in various colors.

Disguise Red Ranger Classic Muscle Child Costume, Red, Large/(10-12)

Encourage your child to choose their favorite Ranger and dress up. Bonus points if you can get a group of kids (who all have different favorite Rangers—no small feat) to dress up together for an adorable group costume.

The Latest Hype: Squid Game

Granted, this bizarre Netflix show isn’t thematically appropriate, much less relatable for kids. But if you’re a mummy or a daddy who has gotten crazy about the show, there’s some inspiration for the Halloween night cosplay!

The suit itself can double as an astronaut costume, but the ominous mask with a triangle adds a unique dystopian touch.

From Movies

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child's Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume, Medium

This universe is so expansive we had to include it twice. The Star Wars movies provide dozens upon dozens of options for Halloween costumes. Your child can choose to be everything from a StormTrooper to Darth Vader himself (a classic).

Or, if they prefer the light side of the Force, there’s everyone from the ‘70s films like Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and even Chewbacca. Then there’s the newer franchise, including Rey, Finn, Poe, and of course, Kylo Ren.

No matter what movie they choose, your child is sure to find a Star Wars character or outer space superhero they’ll love to dress up as this Halloween.

Rubie's Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Child's Rey Costume, Large

The Iron Giant

This movie came out in 1999 but has gained an appreciation that transcends generations. It’s the story of a boy who befriends a giant alien robot and their escapades, avoiding a government agent who wants to destroy the giant.

Robots are a classic sci-fi costume, and this one is particularly recognizable – especially because it also doubles as an alien Halloween costume. Or, if your kid prefers, he can play the heroic main character, Hogarth, one of the side characters, or even the dastardly government agent himself.

Treasure Planet

This 2002 film is a sci-fi retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure novel, Treasure Island. Part adventure, part science fiction, part piracy, this movie has something for everyone. The classic 19th Century novel translates surprisingly well to a futuristic setting (so if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it).

Whether your child wants to dress as a cyborg pirate, a “regular” swashbuckler, or an alien of their choosing, they can find a costume to delight in from this film. Throw on some makeup and a wig, and you’re all set!


Whether you go with the classic from the ‘80s or the modern updated films, Tron lends itself very well to Halloween costumes. The lighted suits are iconic and can be approximated with costumes incorporating reflective materials. If you’re skilled enough to couple one with a lighted cycle of some kind, your child will have a Halloween costume they can brag about for years.

Tron Legacy Deluxe Costume - Medium (7-8)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a science fiction costume?

This question will actually vary completely by person. For the purposes of this post, I tried to stick with television shows and movies that were obviously or explicitly “science fiction,” meaning they had to do with science, space, or aliens. However, there are a great many more shows and movies that folks would classify as science fiction that don’t have those elements or have additional elements, so it’s completely up to you and your child.

Children in scifi costumes surrounded by pumpkins

Is a science fiction costume a good choice for my child?

That’s another one that will depend completely upon your child. Do they have a particular favorite sci-fi flick they can’t stop watching? Or perhaps they’re a history buff, so their idea of the perfect costume is Galileo or Caroline Herschel? Wherever your child’s passion lies, that’s where you’ll find the perfect costume for them.

What makes sci-fi costumes a good idea?

Not only can it allow your child to express themselves and their passions, but it can also open a door for you to have educational conversations with them. Now, we know not every second of every day should be devoted to education, and some things should be purely for fun. But if your child is curious about the history of their character or wants to know what a parsec is, a Halloween costume can help spark those talks.

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