New STEM Toy Releases

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Just as the STEM field itself is constantly evolving, so are the toys we use to teach our children. Check out the new additions to this year’s STEM toy roster below, including toys that have been put onto the market already and toys that we are eagerly anticipating! 

New STEM Toys Available Now

Get Well Doctor Activity Center

Recommended Age: 3 – 5

Melissa & Doug Wooden Get Well Doctor Activity Center - Waiting Room, Exam Room, Check-In Area

Get Well Doctor Activity Center

For kids to imagine themselves in a health profession with this beautifully-crafted doctor center.

What’s Cool: Melissa and Doug is by and far recognized as one of the most durable toymakers on the market. Give your child space to imagine themselves in a health profession with this beautifully crafted doctor center! 

The Melissa and Doug Get Well Doctor Activity Center is a wooden multi-sided doctor’s office activity center complete with a waiting area, an exam room, a sink, and a reception area. The center comes with a plethora of tools including an adjustable blood pressure monitor, x-rays, a scale, a height bar, an eye chart, a clock, and a sanitizer pump. There was no detail left out in creating this incredibly realistic pretend playset for your child! 

One of the best things about this toy is that it is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics who specifically cites its lack of screen time and a strong emphasis on unstructured play as reasons to buy. Inspire your child’s imagination and spur their love of science with this great open-ended toy! 

SmartLab Toys Tiny Baking & Tiny Science

Recommended Age: 6 – 10

Smartlab Plastic Tiny Baking Tools SL322431 & Tiny Science 20 Experiments Science Kit SL306054 for Age 8+

SmartLab Toys Tiny Baking and Tiny Science Kit

Comes with complete guidebooks for each kit including recipes to keep your children going for hours.

What’s Cool: Are you ever torn between your child’s dream of becoming a YouTube celebrity and your dream of helping them develop a love of science? Find the perfect compromise using this viral hit-inspired toy.

The SmartLab Toys Tiny Baking and Tiny Science Kit is a teeny tiny set of instruments. In the baking kit, your child will be gifted tiny rolling pins, mixing spoons and more. On the contrary, the science kit will gift them shrunken laboratory materials. Best of all, both kits come with complete guidebooks for their use and recipes to keep your children going for hours! 

What we love about this toy is the sneaky way it is able to teach your child precision. They will have to implement patience and careful effort to ensure that their tiny cake does not burn or their tiny beaker does not overflow – all while feeling like their favorite internet influencer! 

AoHu 12-in-1 Science Solar Robot Kit

Recommended Age: 8 – 14

AoHu 12-in-1 Science Solar Robot Kit for Kids,STEM Educational DIY Solar Powered Building Toys Experiment Set for 8-14 Years Boys and Girls (190 Pieces)

AoHu 12-in-1 Science Solar Robot Kit

A robot kit that can be transformed to twelve different solar-powered robots.

What’s Cool: We don’t know about you, but our children are obsessed with the environment, and we couldn’t love it more! With a heavy emphasis on sustainable energy, your child will love building their own eco-conscious robots.

The AoHu 12-in-1 Science Solar Robot Kit contains one hundred and ninety pieces that will allow your child to build twelve different robots. This robot kit includes a complete solar panel that powers the robot’s cables and will allow the robot to walk freely in sunlight. This allows your child to begin experimenting with sustainable energy all while feeling the creative drive of inventing a new robot! 

We love that the schematics for this toy include twelve different robots of varying levels of complexity. This toy will grow with your child as they extend their learning of how to piece together their very own robot! 

Hape Junior Inventor Magnet Science Lab

Recommended Age: 4 – 6

Hape Junior Inventor Magnet Science Lab| 34-Piece Magnetic Science Kit, STEAM Educational Toys for Kids 4 Years and Up, Model:E3033A

Hape Junior Inventor Magnet Science Lab

An educational playset that contains different magnet toys that can be used for different experiments.

What’s Cool: Combine your love of old-school workbench toys with your drive to teach your child about science from an early age.

The Hape Junior Inventor Magnetic Science Lab is an educational playset that teaches children about magnetic force through a variety of manipulatives and other hands-on toys. These experiments include a gravity magnet, a bouncing magnet, a spinning planet, and a magic fish. Best of all, this toy comes with an app specifically designed to teach parents how to best utilize this toy for their child’s educational benefit.

We love how well this toy was designed for little hands. With durable screwdrivers and well-built pieces, your child can spend hours crafting their playset and then even more time experimenting with the wealth of magnets contained therein. 

YEMIUGO Electronic Digital Clock Kit

Recommended Age: 10 – 14

YEMIUGO Electronic Digital Clock Kits DIY Electronics Calendar Kit with Temperature Display Electronic Soldering Learning Practice Tools

YEMIUGO Electronic Digital Clock Kit

A play kit that contains an electronic clock with calendar and temperature displays.

What’s Cool: Your child will need to combine a heavy amount of technical skills with an understanding of technology to build an electronic clock with this great kit. 

The YEMIUGO Electronic Digital Clock Kit is a kit that is meant to produce an electronic clock with calendar and temperature displays. Your child will primarily work to enhance their soldering skills along with their mechanical and electronic principles. All connections are labeled on the clock’s board, which will provide your child with a smooth first experience creating such technology.

We love that this toy provides an opportunity for children to pull back from the programming and coding so popular in other toys and practice a hands-on skill. Since soldering is used in many different capacities in the formation of electronics, we look forward to seeing where children will be able to transfer their skills after learning from this toy! 

New STEM Toys Coming in 2020

AniBlock: Multi Solution Puzzle

Anticipated Release: March 2020

Recommended Age: 6 – 8

What’s Cool: AniBlock is the first puzzle of its kind. Rather than solve and be done, the AniBlock contains multiple solutions designed to keep your child’s brain working for hours! 

AniBlock includes maps with multiple solutions and varying levels of difficulty. This allows it to be replayed to a different experience over and over again. As you solve a level of puzzles, the app rewards you and gives you a new set of puzzles to stretch your brain with! Best of all, once you solve the puzzle, you can use the app to make your puzzle creation come to life. Then you can manipulate it through a series of different games and obstacles. 

Our favorite thing about this toy is the ease in which you can adapt the level of difficulty. This kit spans from simple puzzles for smaller children to much more complex puzzles for older kids. Certain variations of the kit also come with a problem-solving guide that you can use to help your children work through the process.

Kiri: The Screenless Smart Toy

Anticipated Release: April 2020

Recommended Age: 1 – 4

What’s Cool: Kiri is an intuitive toy made to teach children about languages, STEM, and various other subjects. 

Kiri is a smart wooden block created to help toddlers and preschoolers learn about languages and science concepts. With studies showing both the incredible benefit of technology in education and the detriment to children who spend too much time on their screens, Kiri was invented to personalize technology in a manner developmentally appropriate to small children. 

Children can match their Kiri block to various cards to practice language, matching, and math operations. It works similarly to a QR scanner, but without the screen! Our favorite thing about this block is its evolutionary nature – Kiri is constantly sending out new packs with topics like flags, composers, music, and more! 

Kamibot Pi: The Smart Coding Robot

Anticipated Release: July 2020

Recommended Age: 3 – 12

What’s Cool: Kamibot Pi is built specifically to grow with your child. Unlike other robot toys who are built for simple or complex coders, Kamibot is programmed to accept smart color-coding cards from toddlers and eventually transition to teach your older child Python! 

Kamibot Pi has the potential to be one of the best new STEM toys of the coming year. It is a coding robot that aims to teach your child coding through storytelling. The robot comes with four different levels of coding. In level one, children engage in unplugged coding for beginners. In the second level, children code with cards. By level three, the children move into coding with KamiBlock and in the final level, children code with Python. The robot can be programmed to move, draw, color, interact with obstacles, and play musical notes.

One of our favorite things about Kamibot Pi is the truly endless amounts of possibilities it possesses. Although the bot comes with apps and games that will intrigue your child for hours, Kamibot Pi can be programmed in a myriad of different ways to ensure that your child never runs out of activities. Check out the link to see a video of Kamibot completing a complete art project using code! 

Momentix Make/100: Chain Reactions

Anticipated Release: July 2020

Recommended Age: 8 – 12

What’s Cool: Momentix’ “isn’t a kit with one set of instructions–it’s a building system with endless possibilities.”

Momentix was created as a reaction to toys that are meant to be put together and then left alone. In order to get children to truly manipulate their way through the engineering design process, Momentix kits come with wooden pieces, wooden dominoes, and various building essentials such as cups, pipe cleaners, string, marbles, and a ball. Along with building materials, the kits come with challenge and mechanism cards to give students starting points for their own inventions! 

Open-ended toys such as this help teach children creative and resilient thinking. Gifting your children this level of mental flexibility will help them in any field they aspire to enter someday. We love the good, old-fashioned feel of this toy–your child will grow their brain by using their hands instead of their thumbs! 

Orb Drop II: A Marble Track Run You Build Yourself

Anticipated Release: July 2020

Recommended Age: 8 – 12

What’s Cool: Although marble run kits are not new to the market, this particular set is made of much higher quality materials than its counterparts. Check out this wooden, motorized marble drop! 

Orb Drop is a marble maze that your children will put together. As opposed to the traditional marble runs, in which children click pieces together to form a final set, Orb Drop includes a complete building process. The kit has “a battery-powered motor that drives a center camshaft.” This means that the marble is picked up at the end and dropped back at the beginning.

We love that these developers have created a new twist on an old classic! Children will create their own small-scale Rube Goldberg machine that never ends, thanks to the camshaft! 

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