Best Craft Kits for 6 Year Olds

Top 6 Best Craft Kits for 6 Year Olds (2021)

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When we think about STEM activities, we often mean things like science experiments, construction projects, or robotic coding. There’s a lot more to STEM though, and one area that’s not given the credit it deserves is craft.

Craft activities are a great way to develop STEM skills and many schools are now pushing the arts as part of their STEM focus (it’s often referred to as STEAM). We know that craft is excellent for encouraging imagination and design, but it’s also perfect for developing key STEM focus areas like problem solving, planning, and collaboration. Craft projects are great fun for this age group and a creative way to encourage an interest in STEM subjects.

On this list of the best craft kits for 6 year olds, we picked Jack in the Box Space Explorer Craft Kit as best overall because this activity box is a great mix of crafty fun and science concepts. Little space fans will love all the hands on learning they’ll get from this awesome kit.

jackinthebox Space Educational Stem Toy | Includes 6 Fun Projects That Range from Arts and Crafts to Science | Ideal Space Gift for Boys and Girls Aged 7,8,9,10 Year Old
Best overall
Jack in the Box Space Explorer Craft Kit
  • Outer space craft with elements of science for learning fun.
Best for Learning
KiwiCo Atlas Crate
  • Try craft from around the world with high quality kits delivered right to your door.
6 X Clay Dinosaurs with Silicon Scale Stamp and Non-Dry Modeling Clay - Kids Dinosaur Arts and Crafts for Boys Age 5-8 Girls Who Love Dinosaurs
Budget Option
Dinosaurs Rebuilding Lab
  • Bring dinosaurs back to life with non-drying clay and a cool stamp for making scales.

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Best Craft Kits for 6 Year Olds

Best Overall – Jack in the Box Space Explorer Craft Kit

Best Overall

jackinthebox Space Educational Stem Toy | Includes 6 Fun Projects That Range from Arts and Crafts to Science | Ideal Space Gift for Boys and Girls Aged 7,8,9,10 Year Old

Jack in the Box Space Explorer

Hands on craft with a STEM focus for your little astronaut.

If your six year old loves learning about outer space they’ll really enjoy this craft kit. The Jack in the Box Space Explorer Craft Kit is the perfect mix of crafty fun and scientific learning. There are six activities in this box and they all have a STEM focus. It’s hands on learning at its best and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. The space-themed activities will really appeal to this age group and they can be done independently or with some help from parents.

The spacecraft activities include building a rocket (with instructions on how to launch it), a solar system wind chime, a starry kaleidoscope, and a constellation streamer. There’s also a couple of other fun activities, including a space explorer board game and instructions on how to use Oreo cookies to mark the phases of the moon (six year olds will love licking off the cream!).

This craft box has a space theme but there are other kits available to suit your child’s interests including dinosaurs, princesses, fashion, unicorns and superheroes.

Best Subscription Option – KiwiCo Atlas Crate

Best Subscription Box

KiwiCo Atlas Crate

Little globetrotters will love trying craft projects from other cultures with these subscription delivery craft boxes.

Subscription craft kits are great because your kids get a thrill every time their parcel arrives in the mail. KiwiCo kits are always of high quality and perfectly suited to their intended age group. The KiwiCo Atlas Crate is aimed at ages 6 to 11, and the visual instructions and activities are simple and fun. The craft activities will develop STEM concepts and have a hands-on, play-based approach. 

This kit has a cultural focus and offers crafty activities from around the globe. Kids will really enjoy making their own travel books as they explore a different theme for each delivery. The boxes start with a world crate which is a great introduction to mapping concepts. They’ll build their own spinning globe and take a closer look at all the continents. The crates then focus on the cultures of different countries.

The Japanese crate will have your kids making a Koinobori carp windsock and trying a recipe for onigiri rice balls while the Peru box explores textile crafts like weaving and traditional line art. An excellent way to appreciate other cultures!

Best for Fine Motor Skills – Dinosaurs Rebuilding Lab

Best for Fine Motor Skills

6 X Clay Dinosaurs with Silicon Scale Stamp and Non-Dry Modeling Clay - Kids Dinosaur Arts and Crafts for Boys Age 5-8 Girls Who Love Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Rebuilding Lab

A kit where children can use non-drying clay and use their imagination to create a dinosaur with bite.

If your child is mad for dinosaurs, they’ll love the chance to bring dinos back to life with this Dinosaurs Rebuilding Lab. Your little paleontologist can mold the modeling clay over a plastic dinosaur skeleton to come up with their own prehistoric creature.

The clay is non-drying so it’s easy to work with, and it means your child can be as creative as they like with their colors, patterns and designs. The kit includes six dinosaur skeletons (two Tyrannosaurus Rexes, two Triceratopses and two Stegosauruses) and also comes with carving tools.

There are a few similar dinosaur clay modeling kits on the market, but this one has a few nifty features that make it stand out. I love the stamp they include so kids can print scales onto their dinosaur bodies. It looks cool and six year olds will appreciate the realistic-looking scales on their creations. I also like the different styles of eyes that are provided so your dinosaurs can really have their own special look. Choose from wild eyes, cute eyes, or raptor eyes to give your dinosaur some real personality!

Best for Creepy Crawly Craft – My Creative Box Little Learners Insects Creative Box

Best for Creepy Crawly Craft

Little Learners Insects Creative Box

An insect-themed craft box with a focus on STEM concepts.

If your kids love all things bug-related they’ll get a kick out of this craft kit. The My Creative Box Little Learners Insects Creative Box has everything they’ll need to learn more about creepy crawlies. It’s designed for the 4 to 7 years age group and also includes some early literacy and printable numeracy activities such as making a spider using number order or exploring symmetry with a butterfly. These craft boxes are available with a monthly subscription, but you can also purchase a single box or a three-box bundle. 

The STEM-focused activities are really inventive in this kit. Your child will construct a beehive using hexagons and build a bug hotel ready to house your newly-found insect friends (then use the included magnifying glass to get up close and personal).

I like that the creators have included discussion points for parents to use with their kids during the activities. This particular box is insect-themed but there are other boxes available for this age group including oceans, dinosaurs, gardens, and rainbows.

Best for Open-Ended Craft – Kid Made Modern Enchanting Craft Kit

Best for Open-Ended Craft

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts for Girls Enchanting Craft Kit - Children's Storybook Setting Creativity

Enchanting Craft Kit

All the crafty materials your child will need to create an imaginative storybook character.

There are no instructions with this craft kit and the idea is that children use their creativity to come up with their own designs. The Kid Made Modern Enchanting Craft Kit has all the materials they’ll need to let their imagination flow.

The creators have made craft kits in a range of themes including cosmic craft, robots, and even ice cream craft. This one is based around storybook characters so your child might make a witch, a fairy, a dragon, or any other design they can think of. There are plenty of supplies to keep little hands busy in this kit but be aware that some of the pieces are very small and there’s likely to be a bit of mess!

There are 250 pieces including pom poms, felt pieces, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, sequins, beads and rhinestones, but you’ll have to supply the glue. Overall, a great little craft kit that should keep six year olds busy for quite a while.

Best for Colorful Craft – Craft Tastic I Love Rainbows Craft Kit

Best for Colorful Craft

Craft-tastic I Love Rainbows – Craft Kit for Kids – Everything Included for 6 Fun DIY Colorful Art & Crafts Projects

I Love Rainbows Craft Kit

Use all the colors of a rainbow with this bright and happy craft kit.

Who doesn’t love rainbows? They’re bright and colorful and lots of fun to use as craft inspiration. The Craft Tastic I Love Rainbows Craft Kit has everything your six year old will need to do six different craft projects. The instructions are simple to follow, and your child will be developing their STEM skills while they get creative. This kit is great for practicing fine motor skills and following a design plan.

The six projects in this kit will really appeal to the younger age group. They’ll make two cute beaded bracelets, a beautiful paper garland, a transparent rainbow catcher, a cool party piñata, and a spinning pinwheel. This craft box would be good for independent play, or you could work together to encourage communication and collaboration. It’s a lot of fun and children will really be into this one.

What to Consider When Buying a Craft Kit for 6 Year Olds

Children playing with craft kits


Make sure the kit you choose comes with high-quality craft materials. There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of work into a craft project, only for it to fall apart because the materials are not well made. Cheap materials are also harder to work with and may leave your child frustrated. Do your research and find out if the brand you’re buying has a reputation for quality work. Check the prices of similar products and if it seems too cheap, it will probably end in tears! It’s worth spending a little more to get a product that will get the job done.

Age and Skill Level

All children are different when it comes to their ability to tackle a craft project. Some children will be able to handle the fine motor skills involved, while others might find it frustrating. Some kids will be capable of following instructions independently and others will need a bit of help. You are the best judge of your child’s ability, but if you’re in doubt, use the targeted age range on the box as a guide. If the craft activity is too simple, your child will lose interest very quickly. But if it’s too difficult, they’ll get frustrated and may want to give up. Choose a craft kit that’s appropriate for your child’s age and skill level, so it’s more likely to be a positive experience for everyone involved!


Kid doing crafts with colors and wooden sticks

There’s no doubt that any craft activity will come with a bit of mess. It’s part of the process and part of the fun (and cleaning up after themselves is a great skill for kids to learn). Consider your own tolerance for mess though. Do you mind if your home gets covered in craft supplies or does the idea of glitter getting everywhere make you anxious? Are you happy to have your dining table covered in glue, or do you need to set rules about where craft can take place. Mess is all part of art and craft, but if it’s going to cause arguments, you might want to make craft an outside activity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a craft kit?

Not only is craft a great way to encourage imagination and creativity, but it’s also an excellent way to develop STEM skills. Craft is fun and valuable screen-free activity. It’s also a good way to collaborate with friends or siblings. Collecting craft materials can be a hassle though. If you need to buy lots of different materials and tools, it’s often easier to buy a kit. Kits have everything your child will need to complete a craft project, and it means they can get started straight away. They usually have instructions too, which are a big help!

Child playing with clay craft kit

Can I make my own craft kit?

Of course! In fact, putting together your own craft kit is a great way to encourage open-ended design. You can buy inexpensive craft materials from a shop or just collect bits and pieces from around your home. Once you have a good collection, you can let your kids delve in and come up with their own imaginative creations!

Is craft a good STEM activity?

Craft can be an excellent way to develop key STEM skills like planning and design. It’s also great for working on problem solving and collaboration and is a fun way to practice fine motor skills. And, of course, it’s the perfect way to develop creativity and imagination!

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